Friday, October 05, 2012

My business partners: My laptop and my Sun Postpaid line

This post is inspired by the new SUN Postpaid TVC. Aside from Marco Lobregat being nice to look at, I identify strongly with his story.

"Success? I worked hard for it so I know what it's worth," Marco said. Yep, I know exactly what he means. My one dream when I was a kid was to become a writer and then an editor-in-chief of a glossy international magazine at 33 years old. I had no idea back then how I was going to make this dream come true, and everyone I know thought it was a silly, stupid dream. But work hard I did and my dream came true even before my goal age (I became EIC at 30!).

I am so grateful that all my hard work paid off. But I've also been thinking all this time, "Now that my childhood dream has come true, what's left for me to do? I'm not even 40!" So it's time to dream a new dream!

I've tried and proven that I can earn money from my online pursuits. Blogging is actually just a hobby, my stress reliever, my happy pastime. So it's so marvelous that I'm earning from it, too. But it's not the main source of my online income. It's eBay! Last year it was my bag business. Next year, I'm planning to sell bags again. I'm also going to offer writing classes, and—this is a crazy idea—maybe even offer myself as a motivational speaker on relationships (this is your fault, dear blog readers, since you're always asking me for love advice!). I'm also thinking that I can be a mommy lifestyle guru! I'm also hoping I'd find time to squeeze in a book and then sell it to you (support me, dear readers!). So many plans! So much to do to make them all happen!

Clearly, my laptop is my mega tool in earning money. But I can only go so far with emails. That's where my mobile service provider comes in. I've been a SUN subscriber since 2008. Back then, it was a good choice because they had the best phone plans. I was calling and texting family and friends for a small fee. Then I became a businesswoman last year and, boy, was I happy with my SUN plan. I was calling and texting my bag customers and yet I hardly felt any pain in my mobile phone budget!

A few months ago, I upgraded to a smart phone. Suddenly, I was reading blogs, checking my emails, promoting my blog posts on Facebook and Twitter anywhere and everywhere. I didn't need to be tethered to my laptop anymore! So I not only have unlimited calls and texts to my eBay customers and blog sponsors, I can also conduct business no matter where I am! I made a good choice with SUN.

Next year, I'm going to rely heavily on my MacBook and my SUN Postpaid to get things done.  What are your plans and what good choices are you planning to make?


  1. Ooohh... when you DO decide to give writing classes, count me in as one of your students! :) It seems a lot of us have similar dreams for next year! :) I hope to write my own book, too! (Though I don't know how that will happen next year if I'll be giving birth to Baby no. 3! LOL!)

    God bless all your plans, Frances! :)

    P.S. I use Sun Postpaid too, and because of this post, I am seriously considering upgrading to a smart phone in November! :) Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Tina! I'm writing a lesson plan =) It has to be around 10 sessions so it's a real class!

      As for your plans, just start doing them! I figured that's the only way they'll get done =)

      P.S. I have 2 plans. One with SUN and the other is Globe. Both BB, both unlimited. Let me tell ya, only SUN is unlimited. Globe? Pffft.

    2. I hope there is an online session. I would love to enroll!

  2. I'll definitely go to your writing class, Frances!

    About my plans, I plan to finish school once I start again and become a really good dentist so I can have my own clinic (aiming for SLMC Global!) and carry-on our family name!

    Oh and also have Baby #2 in 6 years? Too bad we can't have the second one right now because of school. But here's to making good decisions!

    1. Lucille Ball once said, "If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. The more things you do, the more you can do." Just do it. You'll never have the time to do it so do it now =)

  3. I am excited when you said you'd want to offer writing classes, Frances! I want to enroll. Heehee. :)


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