Friday, October 19, 2012

Topaz Fashion: What we wore to OK!'s staff shoot

This is the last of the OK! shoot story! A fashion post so you can see that while we all looked glammed up and red-carpet ready, our outfits weren't on a Hollywood budget!

This is me. "Very Town & Country," Lana said. Haha. You've already met my dress. It's the Anja column dress from Catalogue 63 that I wore to the Esquire Ball two weeks ago. It's just P2,600! I'm wearing Forever 21 crystal drop earrings. And you don't see my shoes (such a shame), which are BCBG gold brocade heels. My lipstick is shu uemura Supreme Matte Lipstick in hot pink.

Lana's shoulder dusters are from Forever 21. Her forest green halter gown is from Tint. I love Tint dresses! They're very simple but the fabric is always nice. The Tint in Power Plant Mall has been replaced by the new Kiehl's boutique, though, so I don't know where to buy Tint bags and dresses now!

Joanna's wearing a Topshop peplum dress, a statement necklace from SM Dept Store and fabulous Stella Luna shoes. I love those shoes! I have this silly thing about shoes, that a woman should have a pair of yellow shoes or purple shoes. For luck. I know it doesn't make sense at all but I've come across stylish women featured in magazines and they always say that yellow and/or purple shoes are lucky. I used to have yellow heels. I have purple ones. Must buy yellow!

On Elaine is a mullet dress from Forever 21, necklace from Yhansy and shoes from Celine. Pink is Elaine's color. She's such a girly girl! And she'll be a bride soon! I wonder what her wedding motif will be. I'm betting it will be pink!

Kabbie's wearing a goddess dress by Pia Gladys Perey and Nine West gold T-strap heels. Pia Gladys Perey has designed for celebrities, the most famous being Angelina Jolie! She's a Filipina designer and Kabbie is so lucky because she bought several dresses from Pia.

Here is Sandra wearing a teal Karimadon one-shoulder dress with CMG heels. Her earrings are Forever 21. Statuesque Sandra! The reason why she looks perfect in anything she wears is because she is so damn fit! She runs and is into sports and stuff like that. But she's very feminine. She always goes to work in full skirts, pretty dresses and flattering shifts. 

I don't know where Red's clothes came from. He didn't say. But he's always dressed like that when he goes to work. Or he'll come in wearing suspenders and a hat. He's very dapper.

I don't have a full photo of Jay! Oh no! He had really great shoes from Salvatore Mann. His shirt and coat are 101 New York, trousers are Maldita Man and bow tie is SM Dept Store. He's sooo cute! I hired him for his looks. I'm not ashamed to admit it. To my great relief, his looks came with writing talent and a sense of humor haha.

Franny looks so adorable in this Dorothy Perkins dress. The purple really made her skin look creamier than ever. Her Yhansy necklace adds edge. Shoes from Payless.

Mary Love is wearing a Forever 21 tangerine dress, an Avon necklace and cage heels from Charles & Keith. And you can't tell from this photo but her lipstick is orange. And she looks amazing with orange lipstick!

What we wore are really from our own closets, or from Kabbie's closets haha. And that's Topaz Fashion this week! See you all next week!


  1. Loved reading this, Frances! :) Especially the part about Jay. :D I think he's "sooo cute" too! :D BUT then again, I am biased because I'm his sister! Haha! :)

  2. There is still a Tint at Greenbelt 3 =)


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