Sunday, October 28, 2012

First birthday gift! Cuzo gift certificates!

I'm turning 36 in exactly 10 days!

Woah. Let me just say that typing that sentence took me completely by surprise. If you've been reading my blog long enough, you'd know that I'm obsessed with my birthday. I usually write a birthday wish list weeks and weeks before the big day so that my loved ones have a shopping guide. But this year? I forgot to make a list!!! I have changed. Either that or I was just too busy these past few weeks!

I don't want to be too busy. Too busy is not a good thing. That's my 36th year Resolution #1: Don't be busy! Frak. So busy I forgot my own birthday!

It's a good thing Cuzo remembered! I've been blogging about this Filipino bag brand a few times recently and Bunnie, the owner, discussed with me the possibility of a design collaboration, a Topaz Horizon bag or maybe a Topaz Mommy diaper bag. So exciting! I dunno if I'll actually do this (I'm a writer, not a designer) but I like to think I will!

Well, for my birthday, Bunnie sent me this:

Oh wow! Shopping! Thanks, Bunnie! I've picked out these bags. Which one should I get for my birthday present???
Herringbone Fabric Tote, P1150

Mica Red Nylon Tote with Brass Accessories and Leather handles, P1150

Jess Coat Nylon Bag with Leather Strap, P1500

Carla Foldable Blue Nylon Tote with Brass Accessories and Removable Strap, P1500

Nina Large Laminated Fabric Bag, P2500

Bettina Black Leather Bag, P3395

Ria Cow-Hide Bag with Horse-Hair Handles, P3495

If you want to give Cuzo gift certificates, head on over to the Cuzo online shop now. They come in a special croc-stamped leather envelope so they make really great gifts for your mom, sister and friends for their birthday and for Christmas, too.

Happy shopping!

UPDATE: I got the Mica red nylon tote. I love it!


  1. I vote for the Carla tote! Hehe but the herringbone print bag looks nice too. :) Happy Birthday in advance!

  2. wow! Advance Happy Birthday Ms. Frances! Go for the design collab! Go for the Topaz bags! Exciting naman yan! Hehe... Can't wait to see the designs! ^_^


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