Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries in OK! magazine and on etc!

So it's almost mid-October, dear blog readers. Have you grabbed this month's issue of OK! magazine?

No? Dear heavens! I specifically begged you to grab a copy a few weeks ago! I knoooow you love me (that's why you read this blog, right?) so love me more by getting an issue. It's our fabulous TV special.

First, the October issue of OK! has a really fun big feature on Gossip Girl. It's the sixth and final season! So yes, we talk about what will happen in this season (Will Blair win Chuck's love again? Will Chuck get his empire back? Will we finally find out who Gossip Girl is???) and we take a look back on TV's most stylish show. Yes, we have the best clothes of the cast ever! And the worst haha. Fun stuff like that so grab a copy if you're a fan!

I've never actually followed Gossip Girl. But in the early months of Vito's life and he'd keep me awake, I'd turn the TV on and watch reruns in the early mornings. I had to keep the volume very low so Vito can sleep but I found that I didn't mind not hearing the characters talk. Their fashion alone spoke volumes. Loud volumes!

Second, OK! was able to get amazing interviews with the cast of The Vampire Diaries. Yes, Ian, Nina and Paul! They talk about the next season, which premieres next week. They talk about Elena's new state of being a—gasp!—vampire.

All that and more in OK!'s super fantabulous October issue! Grab a copy as soon as possible!

Gossip Girl Season 6 premieres Oct. 11, Thursday at 8pm. The Vampire Diaries Season 4 premieres Oct. 16, Tuesday at 8pm. Both delicious shows are on ETC. Like ETC on Facebook or follow ETC on Twitter for more updates.

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