Monday, October 08, 2012

Fashion wish list: Floral print dresses!

New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 happened just a few weeks ago and I saw that floral print is going to be a hot trend. Well, of course. Spring and summer fashion always has florals and brights! Here are a couple of designs I adored on the runway:

So lovely! This particular trend is calling to me because my clothes have become monochromatic. And by that I mean I've gone gray and black. Solid grays and blacks. Opening my closet doors has become a most depressing activity.

So I'm very attracted to flowers now. Flowers. I love flowers. They're easily the prettiest things in the world. I like to imagine God was in a very good mood when He created them. And now I want all those beautiful buds and petals and blooms on all my clothes!

Here's a bouquet of ladies dresses I found on Next, an online shop I just discovered:

Since my closet is full of blacks and grays, I can ease into the trend with this. Despite the explosion of blooms, the gray subdues everything. Great transition dress!

This is how you wear flowers if you're a woman in her 30s. A lot of us think that flowers are for kids. But the bold pinks and magentas are grounded by the black background. You can throw on a black blazer and wear this to work, or if you're in a slightly creative field, a pink cardigan with nude pumps!


This dress is so perfect for shopping! Or for a date. Or for running errands. It's just a super easy slip-on dress, very casual and laid-back. Love the elbow-length sleeves, the elasticized waist, and the sexy lace yoke and collar! I can see myself wearing this with painted wooden bangles and flat leather sandals. So boho chic!


How sexy is this slinky jersey dress? I love that cowl neck. And the riot of blooms! It's a crazy dress! Definitely something I can wear to a party. I just find the placement of the big white flowers right smack across the bosom rather naughty!

Well, is this sexy or what? I'll need to get rid of my belly for this dress, though. But I already have the perfect heels to go with it—my purple peep-toe pumps! You can also wear black shoes or green shoes. Just not white shoes. Just don't.

And when I'm finally ready to burst with color, the red blooms and turquoise leaves print on this bright yellow dress is the perfect pick! It's too pretty. And so British! It calls to mind English gardens. What a happy dress!

For more dresses as gorgeous as these, head on over to Next. That's where I am. Midnight online shopping is really dangerous! Haha

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  1. I hear ya - while a basic and monochramatic wardrobe can be classic and versatile, once in a while we want color and pattern. I'm in the market too for pretty prints that are not too busy (mary katrantzou being the exception), just perfect for a lunch date with the girls or as a pick me up when the day with your toddler isn't starting out right.

  2. I love florals. My favorite florals last year were my palazzo pants from Promod. They're now my favorite pambahay because they're so soft, and I wore them to death.
    Looking forward to new dresses, too. I've always liked wearing happy dresses like these, so I'll fit right into the trend!

  3. Hi Frances. I have a question, how does it work with online shopping (not Philippine-based sellers)? Do items you buy get delivered to your home or do you have to pick-up from the post office and pay taxes? I'm online gift-shopping for a niece and I wonder if it will be a wonderful surprise or a shock (custom duties that has to be paid). Please help! Thanks. Tet


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