Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Random reactions to recent reports

My reaction to Miley's twerking is not the same as Breaking Bad's weird couple but I talk about that over at ze mommy blog.

My reaction when Edu replied: I blushed and almost Tweeted back, "I'm sorry. I love you!"

I didn't say that, ha. I said something boring like "Thanks for clearing that up."

My reaction to this amazing news: Shit's about to hit the fan! Take cover, Philippines!

Meanwhile, I have this to advise to Janet:

Tee hee. I guess you can can guess I'm on a Breaking Bad high!

Meanwhile, this is my kids' reaction when I said, "Smile!"
This has nothing to do with Miley, by the way!
It's been an interesting week, folks!


  1. Hehe. Angkyot ni Edu, patola. Sarap igisa with misua. :D

  2. i love the vito and inigo's reaction! cutie patootie!

  3. my daughter also has the sticking her tongue out syndrome. and she never saw miley because we have no TV at home. haha.


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