Monday, August 12, 2013

When Kate met William

I wore my sapphire today. I usually wear my topaz but since the gloomy weather felt kinda blue, I took this ring out of its box.

I love it. I bought it because I wanted it to be my engagement ring. I'm a Diana fan! But Vince gave me a diamond because he said, "Look at what happened to that marriage!"

I have a big feeling in my gut that that won't be the fate of William and Kate. Here's what I'm watching now:

Sooo romantic! What I find most romantic is not the royal aspect really but their determination to stay together and their commitment to each other. That's the only secret to a good marriage, kids. Commitment. It's the most serious and most romantic thing in the world!


  1. Thank you for the videos Ms. Frances. naiiyak ako while watching the documentary..hehe. i grew up having a crush on prince william (we are the same age) and i am really happy for him. hahaha, parang close kami. but seriously, i love the royal couple! :)

  2. Diana-ng Diana ang peg mo Ms. Frances! Bagay na bagay sa hand sa mo


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