Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I need these for my house!

Well, not really need them but it sure would be nice to have them sitting in my house.

I found this list on Buzzfeed on ingenious household items. These are what caught my eye:
Joseph Joseph's Arena Dish Rack
My dish rack is Rubbermaid and it's old. I think I've had this since 2002. It's kinda yucky now but I can't get myself to buy those bamboo or wooden slotted drying things because they're so ordinary. But this Arena rack is stylish! Now if only it came in black and white or all white!

Quirky Mocubo One Stop Chop Bamboo Cutting Board
Okay, I don't need a chopping board because I have an amazing thick slab of wood that I bought from Dimensione and it is a magnificent chopping board. But I like Quirky's storage compartments. They slide in so I can contain the smells of garlic and onion and ginger for example, and they slide out so I can just dump the sliced ingredients straight to the pan! Genius! But I don't need a chopping board. Just saying that I love the compartments idea!

Satechi USB Portable Amazing Humidifier
Okay, I want this because my kids are just recovering from a really bad cold and I was advised to put basins of steaming hot water around the bed to humidify the air which will help the kids breathe. But I just couldn't do it because my kids sometimes just suddenly wake up and jump off the bed in the middle of the night and I do not want them stepping into basins of steaming hot water! This Satechi humidifier would've been dope.

Actually, what I really really need are pretty storage containers for my documents, press releases and products. I am looking for large white boxes with lids. Like these:

This is from IKEA

This is the peg:
image from Houzz.com
Gorgeous! I'm obsessed! (And I'm really wanting an all-white house now.) Where can I buy these in Manila???


  1. There are floral boxes from Fab Manila :)

  2. Try a trip to NBS (plastic) or Dapitan (woven mat'l which you can paint white) for the document holders

  3. Hi Frances :-) This is my first time to comment here in your blog. I'm one of your avid admirers. Here's the website link where you can buy those IKEA storage boxes with lids: http://www.cashcashpinoy.com/#!/6-home-and-decor/d/21237-ikea-kasett-box-with-lid--white. Kisses to your adorable boys Vito & IƱigo :-*

  4. I only know where to get the document boxes- Mobler (Makati or Greenhills) or 5 Corners (Madison Square in Pioneer) :D

  5. Those white Ikea boxes are on sale now at Mobler : )


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