Sunday, August 18, 2013

Took the bus

Yesterday, I had a meeting. I usually bring my baby Iñigo with me everywhere. Since we have no household help and nannies, Vince takes care of our three-year-old Vito while I care for Iñigo. It's not so hard toting Iñigo around (I have an adorable example here!) but since it was raining, Vince said I should leave the baby at home.

Good thing I did. I waited for a cab for 30 minutes to get to a place that was a mere 5 minutes away on wheels and 15 minutes away on foot. I'd have walked if it weren't for the wind and pouring rain. After my meeting, I lined up again at the taxi area but the line was 20 feet long and there was no taxi in sight so I decided to take the bus.

I haven't taken the bus in years. Well, I kinda don't count the buses in Bonifacio Global City since those are really nice and BGC is tiny and not stressful. I used to be on buses, trains and jeeps all the time. One, we were poor. Two, even when I married Vince, I still preferred commuting since it was waaaaaay faster than a car. But when the kids came and I bring them along everywhere, I take the car or a cab to move around the city.

This is me taking the kids to Active Fun. Vince wasn't feeling well that day so we took a cab.

Vito doesn't like public transport. Iñigo is fine with any moving vehicle. Except maybe a tricycle. He didn't like the noise. Here he is in a trike. He was frowning the whole time haha.

So back to yesterday. I took the bus. Okay, it's no big deal. I was just surprised at how I felt. I'd forgotten the rush and crush of people, the smell of the wet pavement and decaying garbage, the thick exhaust fumes, the deafening horns of the buses, the heat, the quick steps or else you get pushed aside, the asshole drivers, the asshole pedestrians. Although my instinct to hold my bag close to me and to be alert to fellow passengers rose up very quickly. That felt like a welcome friend.

This used to be my life. I used to do this every day. I lived near Masinag Market in Antipolo and back then, there was not enough public transportation. I used to stand under the sun for 2 hours, waiting for a jeep. I used to fight for seats sa jeep or sa FX. I used to run after buses. That was my life for so many years. Then my life improved recently and I forgot what it was like to be part of the masses.
With my friend Jennie when we were in our early 20s.
I was so dark because I was under the sun commuting all the time!

Funny how memory is.

So maybe government officials should take the bus once a month. Maybe they shouldn't even be given cars. It's hard to understand what your constituents' life is like if you don't live it even for a few days every now and then. It's a good exercise.


  1. The biggest thing I hate about taking the bus is you literally have to squeeze your way out most of the time! They let people stand in the aisle and it's like an obstacle course for me.

    Ang cute ni Iñigo sa 2nd photo, cutey patootie! <3

  2. that's true frances! you can't understand what the life is of someone (in this case the commuters) until you've walked in their shoes!

  3. Cute selfie of Inigo there! :)
    Mas madali talaga magkwento when you have been there noh.☺

    That's why your readers are from masa to alta eh. Astig lang.��

  4. Oh yes, they should! I'll sign that petition.

  5. I can relate, commuters din ako before nagkaanak. Pero now, super takot ako magcommute lalo na pagkasama anak ko.

  6. long time lurker first time to comment...i remember this too. it took 6 jeepney rides back and forth our home in sta mesa to up diliman. i also experienced hitchhiking sa up katipunan bec there were no jeepneys and in a closed ice delivery van when there was a typhoon. we also walked from ba bldg to sto domingo church bec of another typhoon.

    im amused with the kids of my colleagues..they worry which car to bring to school the vios the starex the civic or the xtrail...the choices i had to make were the jeepney routes cubao-marikina-katipunan, seattle-east ave-philcoa,tl tayuman-espana-philcoa

    it made me strive harder , we have 2 vehicles but i still take uv express to work esp when i dont have events to attend. the skyway toll fees kill me

  7. don't be apologetic why you were so dark before....what's wrong with being dark anyway? We are Filipinos and no one expects us to look white.

    1. Read it again. Nowhere did I apologize for being dark. Please don't make something out of nothing or make an issue out of a non-issue.

    2. Oh sorry that was not my not also too "reactive" of what I just said...words written here do not actually convey my tone....I am saying the comment in a way that empathizes with you...but I was supposed to say "that you don't have to explain why you were so dark before".....I really do admire you and I thought you were so sweet, patient , and smart, and of course, tolerant of views of others and that is why I did not expect this abrasive response from you....I did not make an issue out of a non-issue....I just noticed that you sounded "apologetic" because you needed to explain why you were dark. I was trying to make you understand that whatever skin color you have, you are beautiful....and there's nothing wrong in dark as long as your heart and mind are beautiful.

    3. And you don't need to defend everything you wrote or posted nor defend your physique and characteristics. If they offend or create haywire in others' lives, maybe that's the time you need to defend, but otherwise, don't. But please don't regard me as your "kaaway" .....I will never am.

    4. Thanks for clearing that up, Riza. I've been feeling attacked by readers lately, on my mommy blog actually, not here. Feeling very sensitive lately. Sorry if you got surprised but I was surprised, too. You're right. I shouldn't defend every opinion I have. I should just stand up for whatever I say!

      P.S. Why does everyone keep saying I'm sweet and patient when I keep insisting on this blog that I'm nasty???


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