Sunday, August 18, 2013

Birth number

Found this on the Internets today. That's what happens when you're stuck at home all day long.

Well, tell me something I don't know! I'm always in hot water.

I really am nonconformist. The most conformist thing I've done is get married and have kids but Vince and I are pretty unconventional (although we're happily conformist with the fidelity clause haha) and we raise our kids in a way that will make most of the perfect supermoms faint haha.

What's your number? Is it you? Find out here!


  1. Actually, you guys (me and my husband, too!) are non-conformists na because having kabit is so normal nowadays. Nakakainis nga. :/

    I'm a problem-solver daw but I think it's not me. Though some are true there, but really, I don't solve my problems --- God does. :)

  2. I had fun finding out my number, Frances! It's very me too! I'm the Peacemaker! :) analytical and intuitive.
    I think of others before me. So true!

  3. I'm a 6, The Romantic and its a bit true. Thanks for sharing this :)


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