Saturday, August 10, 2013

Lazy weekends are for painting

Del Monte Spaghetti sent my kids art materials a few weeks ago. Now Vito has expressed a keen interest in colors and drawing since this summer so I was very happy to have new art stuff sent our way (thanks, Del Monte!).

When we opened the watercolors set, Vito was amazed. But his impatience with wetting the brush, picking up paint, and building up color layer by layer soon frustrated him. So I picked up the really rather pathetic brush with plastic bristles and showed him what he could do with watercolors.

Not bad! Not good but, hey, I've never painted in my life. But now I want to! I think I'll put this on my bucket list: Paint something big! Maybe my husband will buy it haha!

What artsy crafty thing did you do this weekend?


  1. you're a woman of many talents, you can do it! ;)

  2. Your painting looks good! I'm horrible at drawing/painting. It's one of my biggest frustrations.

    But yesterday I tried the melted crayons on canvas artwork and it was super fun to make!! :)

  3. Your painting looks good, I think you have potential. Paint ka na po pag may time, Ms. Frances! :)


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