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Monday, December 05, 2011

Singin' in the rain. Finally!

I've been blogging about the Loeffler Randall boots for a while now. I said I wanted them in last year and, finally, a few months ago, I finally bought a pair of rain boots and... I forgot to tell you about it!

I did take photos of when they arrived so these photos are old. My hair is still short and I'm not pregnant yet. Because I was also not very presentable (I didn't even brush my hair), I also got shy to post the photos so I forgot about the boots until the unseasonal rainy weather arrived!

Oh, and I apologize for the mess. My house is very orderly and clean thanks to my husband, Vince. But unfortunately for Vince, he married a messy and cluttery woman. The compromise we have is the rest of the house stays perfect but he gave me pockets that I can mess up--a corner here, a corner there. This is one of those corners!

Anyway! The unboxing!
The boots were ordered online from Loeffler Randall's shop. A few days later, Johnny Air texted to say I have a big box waiting at their Megamall office. So off I went! And yes, it was a BIG box.

I love that there was a personal, handwritten note from the staff! I mean, seriously, who does handwritten thank you notes from a high-end designer brand? Hmm, come to think of it, they should always include a note with your purchase since it makes it all the more special!

And here are my boots! Taupe rain boots that I super duper love!

These boots look oh so much better in real life, too! Everybody who has seen my boots always stop and comment on them. They ask if it's leather (it's rubber of course!), they ask where I bought them, they say the boots are gorgeous. And they are!

Here are photos of me wearing them to the office a few weeks after unboxing (I just found out I was pregnant when these photos were taken!):   

I always do that to my skirt! I love pocketsy dresses, you see, but whenever people take my photo, I get giddy and do that to my skirt. It totally ruins the dress!

Now if you want your own stylish rain boots, I highly recommend Loeffler Randall! My taupe pair is currently on a mega sale--from $195 to just $98! They also have the boots in black and green. They have rain booties, too.

If you're wondering how you can order from the US, I just have to say that we love the service of Johnny Air. Vince talks about how we buy from US online shops on his blog, Third World Nerd.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Thinking of shopping again!

If you've visited my husband's blog lately, you'll know that we have an exciting new gadget in the house, which is driving the Third World Nerd crazy happy. He's so cute really.

This, of course, means we should slow down on the purchases with the impending arrival of Mr. Jelly Bean. Actually, that would be "purchases unrelated to babies" since I just got a list of stuff we supposedly need for a kid and that list is mighty long. I've already looked at how much things cost and am seriously upset.

For example, an Avent electronic breast pump is about P13,000 here, but if I buy from the US, it'll just cost me $140, or P6,200. Same goes for a lot of baby stuff--they're cheaper from online shops so I guess this means we'll use Johnny Air again.

We really really love Johnny Air! I think from now on, we'll buy our things from the US because Johnny Air ships absolutely anything and everything for an inexpensive shipping fee! We've already bought books and toys and gadgets and we really love the service. Although, we bought small and light stuff so maybe for big stuff, like a Sony or Samsung HDTV, we'll have to get from here!     

So there. Must save money now. And yet, I still want to buy this yellow topaz ring I saw in a jewelry shop last week. It's been haunting me every day! And we also saw these cute puppies for sale from Project Lightning!
Awwwww! Cute little critters! I can totally see my son with a beagle! Vince wants Jelly Bean to own a dog. Research has shown that children who had pets were more responsible, healthier, more compassionate and--this is the interesting part--were less likely to get pregnant/get someone pregnant out of wedlock. Well! That's a good enough reason for me! Thing is, we live in an apartment. With a rabbit. So maybe we'll get a beagle in 5 to 7 years' time, when we'll maybe live in a house with a big garden!

*breast pump photo from Philips online shop. Puppies photos from Project Lightning's Facebook page. Don't forget to "like" Topaz Horizon's FB page!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Rest, rest, rest

Hi folks! Been a few days, I know. I just got home from the hospital, after suffering a bout of pneumonia. I'm fine and the baby's fine although I really really wish I didn't get sick and have to be pumped full of drugs!!!

Meanwhile, I am still quite fragile and will retreat to my bed. I know I owe you guys a report on the Johnny Air courier service and the lovely goodies we bought from Amazon. The hubby will do that instead! Go check out his spankin' brand new blog, Third World Nerd!

Vince is a new blogger and he's really cute--excited and all. Go make sure you give him a warm welcome to the blogging world, okay? Thanks! Now I will sleeeeeeeeep...