Monday, March 29, 2010

Rest, rest, rest

Hi folks! Been a few days, I know. I just got home from the hospital, after suffering a bout of pneumonia. I'm fine and the baby's fine although I really really wish I didn't get sick and have to be pumped full of drugs!!!

Meanwhile, I am still quite fragile and will retreat to my bed. I know I owe you guys a report on the Johnny Air courier service and the lovely goodies we bought from Amazon. The hubby will do that instead! Go check out his spankin' brand new blog, Third World Nerd!

Vince is a new blogger and he's really cute--excited and all. Go make sure you give him a warm welcome to the blogging world, okay? Thanks! Now I will sleeeeeeeeep...


  1. Oh my! I hope you're feeling better.

  2. Rest well, Frances. Take your time to sleep and regain your health, especially that Vince can blog for you for now. =D

  3. Frances, I just have to say -- that nose-picking picture is kinda gross. I mean, Vince's finger. IN his nose. :)

  4. Thanks, WendyB and NeuroC!

    Air8a, oki, I happen to love that photo! He wasn't picking his nose! But I changed the picture na!

  5. hope you're feeling better!

    checking out vince's blog right now :)

    paul has a new blog too! woweeeee its


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