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Monday, February 07, 2011

What I wore... to Wine Night

I am really loving this cool weather we're having lately. My jackets and coats and scarves are finally seeing the light of day once more. So at our monthly Wine Night, I just had to wear a leather jacket.

Outfit details: Zara leather jacket, Bayo knit blouse, Levi's Lady's Style metallic jeans, Anthem platform pumps, Kate Spade bag, Funtote ferris wheel tote, enamel earrings from tiangge

Only five of us showed up last week. Lana and Red were working, and Mariane, Jimboy and Kat were studying abroad.
Nikki showed up in a tux!
Nicole was in her usual black and Nic was in a floral mini dress
Bernard, the thorn among the roses =)

I have to point out Nikki's elegant high bun. I love it! And you know what? It's fake!
She bought it in Bangkok. Her husband, Bern, said that those fake buns (yes, she has more than one) are freaky scary. Oh, our poor men and all you have to deal with to have gorgeous wives!

That was a fun evening. I had to go home early, though. Mommy and wifely duties call! Okay, that's enough outfit posts. I have some shopping posts up next!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I am loved (in very sweet ways!)

Last week, Mariel made me the most delicious carrot cake in the world (read why in my Topaz Mommy post). Just look at it!

Yummy yummy yummy! Even Vince said it was amazing and Vince does not eat vegetable confections!

Then a few days ago, Nicole sent me red velvet cupcakes that she also baked for me! Wow! These were such a lovely and tasty gift.
Coni, Mariel and me enjoy our baked goods

Truth to tell, my OBG will send me off to get a colon cleanse if she ever finds out I've been stuffing myself with sweet stuff. Because, contrary to what people say, pregnancy is not the time you can eat anything and everything you want. This is the time to eat healthy and in small portions throughout the day. Which is driving me totally crazy because I want to eat, eat, eat all the sweet, fat and salty food in the world and I can't! That is why I am not a fat pregnant woman, by the way, because I am really trying to follow my doctor's strict diet regimen of vegetables, fruits and other yucky healthy stuff.

But how can anyone resist the goodies above? And the love of friends? I mean, they didn't buy those cakes--they baked them for me! Thank you, Mariel and Nicole. You are the bestest friends a girl can ever have!

*Mariel posted her carrot cake recipe

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Outfits and friends

Oh, today was a fun day. Had a glamorous lunch at the Manila Peninsula. Such a lovely hotel, very old, very elegant. First time I ever went there (years ago but not that long ago), I was so impressed, I said very loudly, "Wow, ang ganda naman dito!" Na-obvious tuloy na taga-bundok ako. My hubby chuckles at this story and always says he should bring me to Vegas because the hotels there are out-of-this-world amazing.

Anyway, the lunch was hosted by Pond's. They launched new concentrated serums of their whitening and anti wrinkle creams. I'll write more about those in my sadly neglected beauty blog this week. This post, meanwhile, will be about clothes!

This is me and my gorgeous friends Nicole Delos Angeles and Mariel Chua. They are soooo hot, right?
  • Nicole is wearing a tank top, leather pencil skirt, bondage shoes and carrying a Prada bag. 
  • Mariel is in a Kate Torralba tube dress, gold ballet flats and Forever 21 earrings (Forever 21 U.S. not the gaya-gaya store here). 
  • I'm carrying my Longchamp bag (given by my friend in France, Aida). I'm wearing a Gingersnaps dress, which is a wee too short so I'll wear tights with that next time. Oh, and I love my new Kenneth Cole shoes. I bought them for Mariel's wedding and I'm breaking them in. Those purple shoes are satin and suede and super comfy! Love them!

My darling friends! Mariel and Nic were the very first people I voiced my suspicions about my pregnancy. We were lunching at Cibo on December 1 and I said, "Guys, I might be pregnant." They both squealed in delight. But I said, "I'm not sure yet so don't tell anyone." And you know, they didn't breathe a word to any soul--even to their significant others! That's friendship for ya. I don't deserve my friends really. I can't keep secrets at all!

*apologies to my non-Filipino readers for the Tagalog words and lack of translation. I ran out of English today!