Monday, February 07, 2011

What I wore... to Wine Night

I am really loving this cool weather we're having lately. My jackets and coats and scarves are finally seeing the light of day once more. So at our monthly Wine Night, I just had to wear a leather jacket.

Outfit details: Zara leather jacket, Bayo knit blouse, Levi's Lady's Style metallic jeans, Anthem platform pumps, Kate Spade bag, Funtote ferris wheel tote, enamel earrings from tiangge

Only five of us showed up last week. Lana and Red were working, and Mariane, Jimboy and Kat were studying abroad.
Nikki showed up in a tux!
Nicole was in her usual black and Nic was in a floral mini dress
Bernard, the thorn among the roses =)

I have to point out Nikki's elegant high bun. I love it! And you know what? It's fake!
She bought it in Bangkok. Her husband, Bern, said that those fake buns (yes, she has more than one) are freaky scary. Oh, our poor men and all you have to deal with to have gorgeous wives!

That was a fun evening. I had to go home early, though. Mommy and wifely duties call! Okay, that's enough outfit posts. I have some shopping posts up next!


  1. Wow, you look like someone in her early twenties!

    So cute the names of your friends... don't they get confused? ;)


  2. You look gorgeous!!! Can I say single and ready to mingle look? Hihihi hoping to see your gorgeous face again!

  3. I love the cool weather too, I take every opportunity to use my cold weather clothes, especially my scarves and coats, they're are begging to be worn.

  4. love your leather jacket Ms. Frances...and I'm looking for pumps like yours and you look so cool with your outfit..

    wow fake lang pala yong bun, it's colored like her natural hair ..meron din sila ditong fake bangs, yong Korean style:)

  5. Dea, haha, my husband gets confused. They all have their names naman: Nic, Nicole and Nikki :)

    Genejosh, they wanted to buy the bangs too. But they were "too shiny" so mukhang fake. Nikki says the fake bangs at SM is maganda!

  6. it's so nice to see your outfits ☺ i especially love how you have high-low pieces and how a taongbayan like me can get some of the stuff you have.

    p.s. i've loved fino since forever so i especially love the fino doctor's bag from the previous post!

  7. So cute ng rocker chick outfit, F! I seldom see you in those. =) And funny that Bern thinks those buns are scary. Ah boys! =P

  8. Frances, I noticed your jacket right away when you posted on FB. I was about to PM you. Since I'm going back to work this month, I have been doing a lot of shopping lately. So lucky coz a lot of the shops are on sale. By the way, where do you get your cardigans? I'm no longer preggers so I have more freedom now. :) I'm lucky as you that I'm payat. :)

  9. That fake bun is so kewl! You look fab Ms. F! :) I guess I'm not the only one who loves the cold weather that allows us to dress up in a winter wonderland look. :D

  10. Noooo, it's really fake?! Unbelievable. It's exactly the same color as her hair too! Must go to Bangkok.

    I love your leather jacket. I've been meaning to get a genuine one, all I have is of faux leather from HK!

  11. Tita Loot, I got my cardigans from Guess and Forever 21 =)

    SioMai, actually, I don't like the cold. That's why I have a lot of jackets, cardigans, scarfs and stuff. It's just that it was REALLY hot in 2010!

  12. Oopsie, my bad. But ironically, I do love the cold, but I don't want the rainy summer they say we'll be having this year. I love the sun as much as I love the cold.

    I presume you have plenty of "winter wonderland" stuff in your closet, I hope I get to see you wearing them since the cold season hasn't said good-bye yet. :)

  13. SioMai, no bad =) It did seem like I love the cold!

  14. Very cute outfit for girls' night out, mIss Frances. :-) it looked like a fun evening!


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