Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Give me more Chuck!!!

Had a crazy dream the other night. It was so vivid, I woke up breathless and discombobulated.

My favorite show now is Chuck. I am seriously in love with everything on that show. It's one of the few intelligent and entertaining shows on television--emphasis on intelligent! It's also one of the best written, funny, romantic, action-packed, wonderfully acted shows ever! And Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski are so cute together and everyone in the cast are such amazing actors. Bravo to everyone in and behind Chuck!

Anyway, the dream was Chuck and Sarah were sent to spy on some animal activists who were actually terrorists with a mission to blow up the San Diego Zoo. I don't know where Casey was since all I saw was Chuck and Sarah. Anyway, off they went, rescuing the animals when suddenly women in black bikinis started parading in front of the zoo, protesting the caging of animals. Chuck was obviously distracted (I got distracted, too) and the animal activists/terrorists were able to get to him! I was in a panic at this point! Then Sarah stripped down to a black bikini, too, so that she can infiltrate the animal activists' headquarters and rescue Chuck, which she did, and they ended my dream with a really sweet kiss!

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I actually understand why I dreamed this. Last week, I saw on the news some PETA activists in bikinis protesting in front of the Manila Zoo, which infuriated the zoo administrator who said that it was more wrong to wear bikinis than to cage animals (hahaha!). Second, I read on CNN.com recently that an animal activist is actually on the FBI's Most Wanted List--and he ain't there for good behavior. And last--but most important of all!--I love Chuck and have been seriously upset since NBC decided they can't decide if they want to renew it for a third season (NBC, pleeeeease!)

Gosh, I really really want to watch Chuck FOREVER! Angel Cohn of Television Without Pity gives you seven excellent reasons why Chuck should remain on air. And if you're not watching Chuck, then for the love of your brain, please do so!

My new beauty blog

So have you gone over to Beauty For A Living? It’s my new baby, a blog dedicated to all things beauty! Lofty as it may sound, it actually serves a practical purpose—I need a place to put some of my thoughts on the tons of stuff I get from beauty brands.

While I initially thought of putting those opinions here on Topaz Horizon, I very quickly also decided against it because I want this to remain my personal diary. The new blog can be the place for my honest reviews of products—from cheap drugstore finds and expensive luxury brands to the most out-of-this world treatments and services like a Colonix review!

Anyway, Beauty For A Living was supposed to be an anonymous blog but so many people recognized my profile photo—even if it was a heavily made up me! Oh well! As Vince said, “If you want to remain anonymous, take down your photo. It’s logical.” I guess I’m not prone to logical reasoning!

Do head on over to my new blog. I’m giving away fabulous prizes: a Shu Uemura makeup brush kit, a Jurlique facial care set and a Shu Uemura lipstick case. I announce the winners on Friday!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Ghosts in the house

Vince fell in love with the Philippe Starck Louis Ghost chair two years ago. It's a simple chair made of polycarbonate and it's famous for melting into its surroundings and standing out at the same time.

Eclectic chic study

Contemporary dining room

French vintage formal dining room

He asked if he could buy one. Two years ago, it cost P12,000 each. I said, "No, let's wait for a sale." Last year, he asked me again. This time, the chair was P14,000. Again I said, "No, let's wait for a sale." A few weeks ago, while we were at Rustan's, the price tag on the Ghost was an eye-popping P16,000 (USD 332.55). Vince said, "If we wait for a sale, it will just get even more expensive. Let's buy it while we can still afford it."

So we bought two. I know that's a lot of money for an invisible chair but to get just one seemed incomplete. Now, twin Louis Ghosts sit in our house. They are stark and simple and elegant. We are in desperate love with them.

Our twin Louis Ghosts and my niece Nicole

Today I found out from Real Living magazine that Dexterton in Greenbelt 5 has a sale on its home and office furniture. The Louis Ghosts were marked down.

I sat down on one of my beloved Ghosts and allowed one frustrated tear.

*images from Marley&Lockyer, PointClickHome, StyleAtHome