Monday, May 04, 2009

Ghosts in the house

Vince fell in love with the Philippe Starck Louis Ghost chair two years ago. It's a simple chair made of polycarbonate and it's famous for melting into its surroundings and standing out at the same time.

Eclectic chic study

Contemporary dining room

French vintage formal dining room

He asked if he could buy one. Two years ago, it cost P12,000 each. I said, "No, let's wait for a sale." Last year, he asked me again. This time, the chair was P14,000. Again I said, "No, let's wait for a sale." A few weeks ago, while we were at Rustan's, the price tag on the Ghost was an eye-popping P16,000 (USD 332.55). Vince said, "If we wait for a sale, it will just get even more expensive. Let's buy it while we can still afford it."

So we bought two. I know that's a lot of money for an invisible chair but to get just one seemed incomplete. Now, twin Louis Ghosts sit in our house. They are stark and simple and elegant. We are in desperate love with them.

Our twin Louis Ghosts and my niece Nicole

Today I found out from Real Living magazine that Dexterton in Greenbelt 5 has a sale on its home and office furniture. The Louis Ghosts were marked down.

I sat down on one of my beloved Ghosts and allowed one frustrated tear.

*images from Marley&Lockyer, PointClickHome, StyleAtHome


  1. Hi, Ms. Frances!

    The chairs are lovely. So how much was the marked down price? I would probably shed a tear also if that happened to me. Money is so hard to earn nowadays.

    Have a happy week!

  2. Hahaha! Wrong timing! But the chairs are lovely, Frances!

  3. The Louis Ghost is love. Just enjoy your pair.:) I dream of getting a pair of immaculate white Barcelona chairs. Someday!

  4. congrats on the major purchase. just turn a blind eye on the sale. at least you got what you really love...

  5. oh my, those are effing expensive! you had me computing conversion rates - lol I still can't imagine a purchase like that unless it's a gadget! haha!

    but from what little i've seen of your home so far (the pics and magazine spread) i'm sure it look fantastic and blends well with the rest of your decor. ;)

  6. They are gorgeous Frances! At least you only bought 2! Now is an excuse to buy more.

  7. Ranran, Real Living told me the discount is only 10% so my hubby is okay with it. But chuvaness said some chairs are at 40%... =(

    Tisha, do show me what those dream chairs look like!

    Daphne, ya, as I get older and more impatient, I've learned to turn blind eyes and deaf ears to sales =)

    Ria, when it's finally your house, all your money goes to it!

    Kinny, naku, won't buy anymore. I have a shoe cabinet and a buffet table to pay for next! And these gorgeous Italian lamps that are even more expensive than the Ghosts!!!

    Curtisrocks and Daisy Chain, thanks!

  8. Wow, those are pricey ones. I hope they last a lifetime.

  9. You actually still got a good deal! Kartell here in SoHo sells it for about $400 a piece...


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