Monday, December 28, 2020

Inside the BDJ Power Planner 2021 (and yes, a giveaway!)

Okay, I'm still in a Christmas mood and also a New Year's mood! Let's do a planner giveaway! And not just any planner but the Belle de Jour Power Planner 2021! 

Before we get to the giveaway, let's talk about the planner. Belle de Jour is French for "beauty of the day." And if you get a BDJ Power Planner, your every day will be filled with beauty. You can't escape it. Every page of the planner is full of inspiration so you can have a great day.

The theme for 2021 is being one with the Earth. That means when you plan your day, the planner hopes to remind you to honor your mind and body (because we are made of earth), connect with others meaningfully, and be inspired and thankful for our environment and make it a better place.

As you can see, the pages are all about being positive and beautiful - something we'll most likely need in massive doses in 2021 since the pandemic is far from over.

Despite the fact that we'll most likely live with COVID-19 for one more year and therefore must stay home to stay safe, the BDJ planner is feeling optimistic and included a booklet of shopping perks. No worries - many of the vouchers can be used for online purchases.

I'm actually a bullet journal fan but I decided to try a ready-for-occupancy planner (haha) this 2021 because customizing a bujo takes up so much of my time. I've already started using my BDJ Power Planner and guess what I did - I started customizing it. Old habits die hard haha. But at least many of the pages have been made for me (monthly spreads, weekly spreads) so that means less time on planning and more time for actually doing.

So now you have a peek at the BDJ Power Planner 2021! Next year also happens to be the 15th anniversary of the BDJ planner. My blog is also 15 years old next year! Hooray! So let's start the fabulous 15th anniversary of BDJ and Topaz Horizon with a giveaway!

Here's how:
1. Just blog about what you're looking forward to in 2021. It can be just a short blog post. No need for a long essay - unless you want to write one!
2. Add this at the end of your post: "I'm also looking forward to winning a Belle de Jour Power Planner from!" 
3. If you don't have a blog, you can also do a Facebook post. Just link to this blog please!
4. Leave the link to your blog post or Facebook post in the comments below. 

I'll share your blog posts on my blog's Facebook page and will choose a winner* on Sunday, January 2.

Good luck!

*Winner must have a Philippine address. This giveaway is mine alone and BDJ has no idea I'm doing this to the planner they gave me haha. If you'd like to check out their other planners (they have several that are not as feminine as the BDJ Power Planner), click here to browse and shop.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

My most read blog posts this 2020

I've been blogging for 14 years and 7 months and I still don't understand what makes people go to my blog. Four of the top 10 read posts in 2020 were published in past years:

"Top mommy bloggers in the Philippines" was written last year and that one was intentionally written to get views. I know PR agencies and brands Google this topic all the time so I plan to update that post every year.

"Physiogel Calming Relief" is a review post from 2016. Beauty bloggers tell me that they get tons of hits because everyone's always looking for reviews before they buy products. But I've reviewed other beauty products and they don't appear on my top 10 list. 

The FERN-C post was published in 2016 and it did well only this year and I believe that's because parents got freaked out by the COVID-19 pandemic and researched for the best vitamins to boost their kids' immunity.

As for the BabyLove diaper pants 2018 post... I don't know what happened there. Maybe people are finally realizing BabyLove is a great diaper brand. Yes! I was a longtime Pampers mommy, even was a brand ambassador, but BabyLove changed my mind.

For this year's posts, three were about relationships. I noticed that a long time ago actually. Whenever I blog about my love story, the posts get thousands of views. Not my kids, not my work and money advice, not my sponsored posts - it's my marriage that people want to read about. I'd love to write about it more because I love my husband SO MUCH. But! But But! I happen to be married to a really private man who tolerates my oversharing because he knows I like oversharing. So since marriage is compromise, I scaled back on the marriage posts.

Here are the links to the other top posts, in case you're interested:

Koobits online math classes 

Morbid to-do list

Vince was serious about me

Advice for celebrity kabits

Mukhang pera

How to get in the mood for sex

So it's 2021 next week! And it's also the dawn of my 15th year as a blogger. WHAT! Fifteen years?! What do you want me to blog about more, dear Loyal Readers? What do you want me to do this new year? Tell me and let's see!

Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas!

Happy holidays to you all! We spent the last 10 months indoors, navigating what is perhaps the biggest change in our times. I hope you made it through with your loved ones. I hope you are counting your blessings - even the tiniest ones which often are the biggest ones, if you look at them again. I hope you are holding on to hope. 

Merry Christmas, dearest darling Loyal Readers! From all of us in our home to all of you in your home, may God bless us all.