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Thursday, July 24, 2014

HUGO BOSS congratulates Germany's football team!

I will always remember World Cup 2014 fondly. For one thing, this was a really exciting World Cup. But I'll remember it most because in the sleepless, uncomfortable nights caused by the last few weeks of my pregnancy, the insomnia was made more bearable (even fantastic, depending on the game) with the World Cup. The speed of the players, the great coverage using drones, the funny shoes, the hotness of the players, the drama, the melodrama, the star players, the shock injuries, the humiliation of Brazil, the defeat of champions and the surprise triumph of underdogs, oh, and the fact that my team won! Hooray Germany!

Fashion brand HUGO BOSS sent me photos showing how they proudly outfitted the national football team of Germany in BOSS suits. Very dapper!

Grabe. Ang hot lang naman!

The players wore luxury, custom-made dark-blue BOSS suits to their official engagements. This super fine three-piece suit was paired with a denim shirt and a knit tie, for a modern edge. On their not-so official appearances (like flying and traveling), the team was still super sharp donning casual outfits of comfortable grey knitted cardigans and dark-blue trousers from BOSS. Everything they wore actually—from t-shirts and jackets to bags and luggage—was HUGO BOSS!

Germany's coach and managers Joachim Löw, Hansi Flick, Oliver Bierhoff and Andreas Köpke, meanwhile, also wore bespoke three-piece suits by BOSS MADE TO MEASURE to official engagements. The dark-blue suit was combined with a checked shirt, polka dot tie and a pocket square to match the shirt, which is also from the BOSS MADE TO MEASURE collection. A brown suede belt and shoes completed the look.

Actually, all of the Mannschaft team was outfitted in the designer label, not just the players and managers, but all 130 personnel, even staff! My goodness, is there an opening for duffel bag carrier in the Germany team? I will apply!

Join BOSS in supporting the German national team even off the pitch using #SuccessBeyondTheGame.

If you miss World Cup the way I do, here is an amazing video of it. Enjoy!

In the Philippines, the German team’s exclusive outfits are already available in stores. BOSS is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc. (SSI) - a member of The SSI Group - and is located at Greenbelt 5, Rustan’s Shangri-la, Shangri-la Plaza Mall, and Newport Mall. 

*photos courtesy of Hugo Boss and Visions & Expressions

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Checking in

I have a lot of stories for you, my dear readers, but my hands are full of babies right now. Three little boys to be exact, with the littlest one, Piero, literally in my arms all the time.

Well, sometimes I get to put him down for Instagram pics haha!

Yes, I've finally given birth! Hence, the lack of blog updates. Please be patient while I get my bearings. I'm kinda madly in love right now. Please check out my new little man and how I met him. The story is written by my husband over at my mommy blog. Mwah!

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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

My Molami earphones are haute love!

Last night, I blogged about listening to sleepy, sad music. What I forgot to share (and it's really worth sharing!) is how I listen to my music.

In style!

But of course. Thanks so much to my absolutely luxe Molami Bight earphones.
You might think that an earphone is an earphone is an earphone. Like, it's all the same. Nope. These earphones not only make listening to music look sophisticated, the sound quality that comes out of its tiny, gold-plated earbuds is also actually sophisticated.

Molami is the baby of industrial designer Maria von Euler. While developing Molami, Maria wanted headphones for women—nope, she didn't mean cute and pink. She wanted a marriage of fashion and beauty, a stylish accessory for us women that also flatters our face and neck, and complements our hairstyles. Yes, headphones that complement our fab hairstyles! A big reason why I never used headphones, for example, is because they're ugly. Seriously. They either look juvenile, clunky, plastic, boring, obvious. Ugly. I have never met a headphone that I liked.

Until I met Molami. Just look at their headphones:
The Pleat. Light, sleek and made to flatter our jaw. 
Made of napa leather and gold. Covers ears for complete sound isolation.
The Twine. It's designed to mimic a scarf/headband for a sound-surround experience.
Bandeau design is made of silk, satin and chiffon.
The Bight. For discrete style.

The Bight is the one I own. At first glance, it's all black napa leather and cord with gold. The earphones are designed to attach to the ear at two points. All other earphones just plug into the ear canal. After a while, the ear canal tires of the pressure.
The Bight has the EarClick System. The gold lace part goes into your ear canal while the soft nub (removable and washable) goes into the groove above the ear canal. Two support points! This way, my ears never get tired to listen to my music!

My earphones are made of black napa leather and gold. Other versions are white napa and gold, black stingray and silver, and black napa and black hardware.

Woven black cord and gold hardware. So simple, so classic, so luxe!

My earphones pack into a canvas pouch. Can't keep them in plastic because plastic deteriorates leather and I have to also protect the gold parts from getting scratched when I put it in my tote bag.

The Bight is meant for commuters so it doesn't completely block out the environment. In my case, I work from home but I need to keep an ear out for my little kids and the doorbell and all the house stuff that can't be ignored. And yet the sound that comes out of my tiny Bight speakers is strong, clear and whole. Not tinny or scratchy or hollow.

I especially like the Bight because it makes voices sound so distinct—very important to me when I'm transcribing interviews. In fact, when I posted this on Facebook, it's my writer friends (not my music-lover friends) who got really curious!

Thanks to my son, Vito, for taking these photos of me and my Molamis!

Molami headphones are exclusively available at Rustans. For more information, like Digits Trading on Facebook.

Product photos from Molami website's press page.

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