Monday, February 11, 2019

Of boys and school buses, and my breaking heart

I know I've disappeared. I started this year with my L'Oréal contract ending and me with no other plans for anything else really. I wasn't worried. The past 7 years have been like that anyway—start with nothing and end with everything. But by mid-January, I had a chat with an old friend who has a boutique PR and events agency and before I knew it, I'm the new PR Manager of Paint It Red.

I have a very good feeling about this year and so I can't help but be excited for the new adventure I'm about to take. I'm back in the corporate world but with a very flexible schedule. How lucky am I? I'm very grateful.

And yet, in the last week before I started work, I picked up my kids from school as usual and cried. I was at the fetcher's waiting area, booking a Grab, fanning myself in the heat of the afternoon sun. As usual. From there, I can see the students walking down the long path from their classrooms to the gate. As always. I was watching out for my own in that long and unruly line of boys when I saw my kids and they saw me and their eyes lit up and in that moment, I felt it. The grief. It smashed into me and I was out of breath.

Because I'm employed now, I won't be able to fetch them from school anymore. I've never really liked that chore so I had always taken this for granted but at that moment, I knew with terrible clarity that I'm going to fucking miss this shit. And I cried with longing for the days that will be no more.

How many of us have the painful privilege of seeing a chapter closing?

So the last three weeks have been me and the boys going through sudden changes. I found a school bus. At first, we were all anxious. They've never been on a school bus. I rode it a few times with them to check the routes, the other passengers, how the driver drove. I gave them extra baon because now our daily after-school merienda won't happen anymore. I gave them so many instructions on being safe, being kind, and watching out for each other.

And then finally, it was time to let them go. The night before they had to go on their own, Iñigo stayed up late. "Iñigo, you have an early day tomorrow," I said. "Go to sleep na."

"I'll help you fix our baon and breakfast, Mama," he stalled.

So I let him help me. And then softly he said, "I'm going to miss you, Mama."

And I couldn't say anything because my throat had closed up. So I just hugged him and let his love wash through my breaking heart, grateful for the comfort my little boy gave me.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Shopee Payday Sale pala ngayon!!! Plus, the mostly geeky stuff I want to buy

It's Shopee Payday Sale today, mamas! And it's happening on January 15-17, 2019. That's 3 days of promos and sales! And yes, I may not be employed as of the moment but I soon will be so na-excite ako kasi by next month, I can be super excited every time the 15th rolls around. Yes, Shopee told me that every month na ang Payday Sale! Pero kahit next month pa ang sweldo ko, willing ako mag-shopping today!

Okay, first things first—what's in store for us shoppers:

*** Free shipping! Well, at least the site says free shipping today so kung ang pinagnanasaan mong items ay may katagang "ships overseas", i-check ngayon kung free ang shipping niya!

*** Super discounts! Up to 90% off across all categories!

*** More Flash Sale time slots! Usually kasi mga two times lang ang Flash Sale sa isang araw. But this Payday Sale will have more Flash Sales throughout the day!

*** There will be celebrity guest hosts on Shopee Quiz on Jan 15-17 at 9 pm! Tune in tonight and tomorrow night and on Thursday night! Baka mamigay ng mga bonggang discount codes!

*** Tomorrow, January 16, abangan ang Shopee Shake because there will be a bigger coin pool!

Ang saya-saya! Okay, I'm currently window-shopping and here's what I want so far:

It's 30% discount and free shipping! My new office is just 3 kilometers away but because of traffic, it takes 30-45 minutes to get there. Plus P315 Grab fare papunta pa lang yun. So I'm seriously considering getting a scooter or a bike. I just dunno if that's a good idea, safety-wise.

Eto walang discount but meron namang vouchers and free shipping again. I don't really know the difference of this scooter vs the previous one but it is a couple thousand cheaper so I'm definitely interested. I need to do some research!

No discounts or free shipping, though. But it's a bike and maybe that's safer than a scooter? What do you think?

File Drawers, P1,645
No discount but I can use vouchers upon checkout. Also it's free shipping from abroad! Like I said, this is the perfect time to shop for stuff overseas! Anyway, I super need organizers. My husband and I have been KonMari-ing all throughout January and we're not the sort of people who will get rid of books and papers so we need a LOT of organizers for our files. 
Aaaaand this is for the kids! They have so many drawings and test papers and art supplies that we really need to corral them all together. Plus, it's on wheels. I can totally see my bunso pulling this with him from room to room (he follows me around). It's not on sale, though. Still, I'm very happy I found this on Shopee! 

Wala lang. I've always loved coloring my hair but the wildest I've gone is a vivid red. This collection of hair dye mascaras (at just P54 each) is a fun way to experiment with colors and see if pink and purple will look good on me before I commit!

Okay, now that you know that today is the Shopee Payday Sale and what's on my wishlist/shopping cart, mag-Shopee-ing na rin kayo! 

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Monday, January 14, 2019

Looking for a condo? Check out the Camella CoHo lifestyle

One of the places my family and I love to visit is the All Home complex along Libis in Quezon City. We don't go there often since it is out of our way, but when we do, it's always such a happy place. Just look at these kids!

The Libis complex is a taste of the CoHo lifestyle. That's what Camella calls their new real estate phase of building Camella Condo Homes all over the country, with each development having its own commercial complex with lifestyle amenities its residents will love.

I know this because I got a big brochure (more like a magazine) and I got interested in investing in maybe a small condo unit in Tagaytay, a place we love. Actually, Vince and I were thinking of a house in Tagaytay but when I looked through the CoHo Lifestyle magazine, I remembered why I'm a city girl. I love living in a condo and having everything I want and need steps away from my door! Just read this:

"What is the CoHo Lifestyle? It means living just a few steps away from a luxury mall that offers global retail selections. It means having world-class cinemas as your home theater. It means having a beautiful coffee shop as an extension of your living and working space. It means having an innovative, fun and fresh supermarket as your pantry."

Sounds like the life I love!

The CoHo lifestyle means having a complete and affordable home store and a modern and convenient supermarket right outside my residence. Just look at the boys testing out chairs. We gave away our old chairs and now I'm thinking I need a new one for my work desk. (I can feel Vince rolling his eyes once he reads that sentence hehe.)

The CoHo lifestyle means having a wonderful café and pastry shop a few feet away from work-at-home me so I can always run down and out if I need a java jolt or just a change of scenery but without dealing with traffic.

Plus check out how gorgeous Coffee Project is!

Their cakes are a bit too rich, though. But that makes them go well with the coffee, I guess, so it's okay.

At Libis, the boys and I discovered that there's actually a showroom hidden way at the back of the second floor.


The boys were delighted at this new "playhouse" (and here's me yelling, "Don't run around! Don't break anything!").

The condo unit is quite small. Definitely not for a big family like mine. But my kumare, realtor Kabbie Alipio, said that it's perfect for OFWs saving up for a retirement home in the city, or for parents looking for a place for their college students to stay in, or for newlyweds or young professionals. All CoHo developments are near or are in urban areas all over the country, so they really are perfect for those who want to be in the center of it all. Like me!

I checked the Camella CoHo website and, depending on the property, meron naman daw units na 1-BR, 2-BR and 3-BR. Yun nga lang, the place I want — The Pine Suites at Tagaytay — only has 2 bedrooms in 48sqm. That's very cozy, but okay na for when we visit on weekends, diba?

What do you think? Have you seen any of the showrooms yet? Did any of you buy??? Vince and I are thinking of a home outside Manila but still in an urban setting since we like living in a city.

Anyway, something to think about this 2019! I have a good feeling about this year. May we all have a really great year!