Monday, October 05, 2015

Get free LUX, the most beloved fragrant bath soaps in the world!

This post is brought to you by LUX.

I got this gift this week:

Thanks, LUX! I've showered using it and hubby approves. Hooray!

LUX has been making women fragrant all over the world for year and now we Filipinas can finally get scented loving care because it is back! Yes, it was here before and then it disappeared and now it's ready to make us smell amazing. 

These bath soaps and shower washes are designed and crafted by perfume experts from New York, Paris, and London. The LUX Perfumed Bath Collection has four different perfumed body washes and three perfumed bar soaps: Magical Spell, White Impress, Soft Touch, and Love Forever. The one that LUX sent me is the Magical Spell, which is the signature body wash and bar soap. It's supposed to smell like Black Orchid. According to Wikipedia, there are 14 kinds of black orchids and none of them are actually black. Strange! I've never smelled orchids before but apparently they smell good, since perfumers use this flower. LUX Magical Spell has that floral smell captured in these things they call "fragrance pearls" which infuse skin with up to 8 hours of lasting perfume.

So pretty, I couldn't bear to use it! Yep, I used the shower wash first.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Beauty Biz Bliss: Collaboration, not competition

I have really amazing news, dear Loyal Readers!

Last weekend, on Sept. 26 at the Work-at-Home Expo 2015, my friends Ginger Arboleda of entrepreneurial lifestyle blog Mommy Ginger, Martine de Luna of intentionally blissful lifestyle blog Make It Blissful, and myself of this all-about-honesty-in-an-increasingly-fake-world blog launched our new business—Beauty Biz Bliss.

Me, Ginger and Martine onstage at the Work-at-Home Expo.

Beauty Biz Bliss caters to the woman who has made a living out of her passion. We want to support this amazing woman in everything she does—from looking and feeling her best as she works to growing her business and managing her home and family with a blissful attitude even with all the work she's busy with.

As working women ourselves—Ginger owns several businesses, Martine is a social media consultant, while I am a professional blogger and magazine editor—we've encountered many challenges that come with pursuing our passions. Isolation is top of the list. Working from home, our days filled with dirty diapers and typing on a computer, there's hardly any time to create and nurture friendships. Having no co-workers and bosses also means we have no sounding board on our performance. When we do go out for meetings and events, how exactly do we present ourselves as professionals when we're used to wearing tees and shorts when we work?

Another challenge we encountered was the fiercely competitive nature of blogging. Mom blogging to be more specific. We think maybe this is because we raise our children in many different ways—some breastfeed, some give formula; some believe in tough love, some adhere to attachment parenting principles; some believe in sending their kids to traditional schools, some are staunch homeschoolers. Perhaps these differences raise our defenses, thinking that because someone's ways are different than ours, her actions are a criticism of our decisions. In our experience, we have been shunned, bullied, gossiped about, and even threatened just because we live the way we do, which was painful to us.

We now believe that there is no need to compete for readers and brands. We all have our own unique strengths, after all. Ginger wants to empower entrepreneurial mothers through her blog—naturally her readers are business-minded mothers. Martine's blog is all about having an inspired vision, purpose and lifestyle—her community of readers is made up of positive women who love beautiful everything. My blogging is all about being real and honest in absolutely everything, even when life gets ugly, I will talk about it like it's no one's business—and my readers are all feisty, brutal and no-nonsense women. We attract different kinds of readers and different kinds of brand partners.

There is no need to compete!

Especially because we three have the same purpose—to empower women. When we collaborate, we make each other stronger. For one thing, working together helps us reach a bigger audience. We strongly believe that we women should be encouraging each other, working together, and finding ways to live with each other's differences, maybe even celebrating them! We believe in collaboration, not competition.

That's how Beauty Biz Bliss was born! We talked about what we're good at and what we're poor at and realized we can help each other out. Martine is absolutely driven with ideas and vision, and she's great at making things look pretty. Ginger is all about execution with frightening efficiency, and she knows how to make money. And I have experience working with big brands, and my years in magazines have taught me a lot about looking fabulous. Together, we can build each other up where we think we need help.

We also realized that many women need support and encouragement, too. In fact, a thread in the Facebook community, WAHMderful Community for Work-at-Home Moms, encouraged us to create workshops addressing this very need of many women. So okay! Let's do this!

Beauty Biz Bliss will offer workshops on everything a working woman needs to juggle her full life. We'll learn how to put on makeup in 10 minutes, what to wear to meetings and events (especially useful to women who work at home), on how to build your brand, market it and get more business, and how to balance that all with joy not stress. We are planning big and beautiful events! Yes, so we can all get together with other women and share stories, swap business contacts, and build each other up. We also plan to work with brands that want to target us working women and offer them our unique voices to help push their campaigns.

Sooo exciting! We really want to help us women encourage each other (yes, we hope you also encourage Ginger, Martine and myself) with this new collaboration. Isn't this so exciting!?

If you want to be part of our new community, please like our Facebook page: Beauty Biz Bliss.

If you are a business that wants to reach our audience of empowered working women, send an email to

If you want to collaborate with us for gorgeous and inspiring events, email

If you are a beauty and fashion brand and you want to be part of our mission to help women be absolutely gorgeous, email me at

Together, we can all make a difference in women's lives. We really do believe that the secret of the universe is working together. I hope you think so, too! Imagine what we can all do when we help each other! I'm so excited. Please pray for us, okay? Thanks always for the love and support!

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Review: My new Skechers GOwalk 3 sneakers

My husband said out of the blue, “Hell has frozen over.” That’s because he saw my shoes in a pile in the hallway but instead of the sky-high heels he associated me with, he saw ballet flats and sneakers. It was the sneakers that did it actually since I had switched to flats when I got pregnant with Vito more than five years ago. Then the day came that I had to run after little boys, and I switched to sneakers because ballet flats just can’t compete with seriously fast little legs.

So, yep, I’m now a sneaker mama!

Who else has the same experience, trading her heels for sneakers? 

Who’d have thunk it that I’d love my comfy mommy lifestyle? And I love that my new propensity to seek comfort has not meant I've sacrificed style. In fact, I'm finding it fun to match my for-heels-only clothes with my new sneaks. Or shorts, at least. So fun to be ultra comfy now in shorts and sneakers!

I picked out my new Skechers GOwalk 3 last week. I chose this pair because I've never had black sneakers before. I love it. It is sooooo comfortable! I first fell in love with Skechers because of my GOwalk 2. Then I needed shoes for the gym and so I got Skechers Sport, which I love, too. But I wanted shoes I can wear outside the gym and onto the streets and so I checked out the latest walking shoe of Skechers. 
While out for work...
...and while working out!

The GOwalk 3 offers a more comfortable walking experience, whether I'm on flat streets or on rocky terrain. I don't slip at all. And since the sole is a bit wide, I also don't trip, which happens when I'm wearing narrow shoes. I'm guessing it's because I lose my balance? However, since my feet are narrow, I noticed that I really needed to lace up my shoes tight or else my feet start moving about too much inside the shoe.

Anyway, close up photos first:
This came with black and white laces but I switched it to all black. 
Love that black material it's made of! Parang tela so my feet don't get hot. 
I also like this hole! It makes slipping on the shoe much easier.

The GOwalk 3 has Goga Mat™ Technology. That means it has high-rebound cushioning—walking on marshmallows, I keep saying, and it still feels like it! It also has Memory Form Fit design. That means the foam padding around the heel doesn't flatten with use. So I can keep on walking and walking and walking!

When I turn over my GOwalk 3, I see pink circles. That's not just decoration. Those are the GOimpulse and GO Pillar sensors that provide more flexibility. I read that it also gives you feedback for a more responsive walking experience. I don't know how that works so I can't explain it but I do feel like my body feels better—like I don't get tired easily from walking. I guess that means my body is responding on its own to the shoes. It also helps that these shoes are super light. When you pick them out sa store shelves, it feels weird at first how light they are. Like I think, "Are these strong enough? They're practically weightless!" Guys, they are super strong. I've read reviews from marathon runners attesting to the strength and durability, comfort and flexibility of Skechers.

Love them! Go get a pair now, too! Even my sons love their Skechers. I'll do a post on their shoes soon!

Check out the Skechers GOwalk 3 at the following Skechers stores: Glorietta 2, TriNoma, Ayala Fairview Terraces, SM North Edsa The Annex, SM Mall of Asia, Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Place Manila, Gateway Mall, Lucky Chinatown, Market Market, Festival Mall, Alabang Town Center, SM Fairview, SM Dasmarinas, Paseo Sta. Rosa, Marquee Mall, SM Pampanga, SM Clark, Ayala Center Cebu, SM City Cebu, SM Davao, Centrio Mall Cagayan de Oro and LimKetKai Mall CDO. Also available at SM Stores: SM Makati, SM Manila, SM Megamall and SM North EDSA.

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