Monday, December 22, 2014

My 38th birthday weekend

Oh wow, December is almost done and I haven't told you about my birthday! November was crazy. Good crazy. My birthday was just one of those good crazy days. I'm grateful that my life is so full of goodness and love. When I turned 38 on November 7, all I could think of was how every year God gives to me is a testament to His grace and love. Not every year is great. There have been years that were bad, even horrific, but on my birthdays, when I look back at the past year, I always still see that God was always there. Always.

This past year, my 37th year, has got to be one of the very best in my life. I really felt God's blessings pouring on me! Thank You, Lord! I hope my 38th year will be even better. But first, let's take a look at my birthday weekend.

Flowers from my Vince and our boys!
Check out how old I am! We recycled candles from the kids' birthdays.
Everyone make a wish!
And the cake is now covered with kiddie saliva!
My flowers are actually a deep red, they looked almost black.

Oakwood Joy-Nostalg gifted me with a stay at one of their suites. I'll talk more about the serviced apartments on my mommy blog but I just found it so perfect that Oakwood's address is on this street:

My sister Jacqui celebrated with us. Thanks, Jacqui, for babysitting the boys!
There was a sofa but my kids like snuggling with their Papa. Just like me!
The boys loved the master bedroom! We did, too!
Oakwood surprised the boys with a gift!
...and me with a beautiful cake!
More wishes!
Steveston Pizzaa surprised me with the yummiest, super-crowded-with-toppings pizza!
Dinner was a sampling of the seafood buffet. Boy, I look tired na here!
The boys conked out really late. Too excited!
Breakfast buffet the next morning!
Then off to the play area!
The kids loved the huge room made for play! 
Like, super!
Meanwhile, us adults lounged and played with the littlest one.
Packing away before heading home!

Happiness! My husband, my kids, my health, my friends—they are everything to me! I pray all the time that I never take this for granted, because I do sometimes. God bless them. May God make me a blessing to them.

May God use me to be a blessing to you all, too, my dear readers! You've been so wonderful and encouraging to me all these years. Thank you, thank you! I pray now for God's abundance to overflow all over you now. God bless you all!

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Make your kid's imagination real!

It's the season for toys, toys and more toys. So much consumerism everywhere and my wallet can sure feel it. So I think these are amazing:

These are toys made from children's drawings! They're made by a toy company called Budsies. I found out about them from a story that ran on Buzzfeed last month, and I think this is the cutest, most wonderful idea! If I knew how to sew (well, I kinda do!), I'd totally do this!

Check out these kids utter joy. Can't beat that!

The importance of this whole concept rests on our child's imagination. For example, I let my son, Vito, draw whatever creature, animal, person or thing that makes him happy or excited. I don't tell him what to draw—like I don't say, "Oh, honey, cows don't have antlers," or "Oh, dearest, the sky is not green," or "Oh, sweetheart, there's no such thing as purple dragons that breathe glitter." I just let his imagination run wild! We love it when he draws impossible things. He loves it that what's in his head comes to life on paper with crayons, paint or pens. I love it that I can see just how crazy fun my son can be!

But it would even be more crazy fun if what he dreamt up becomes a tangible reality! Like when Kendra, the daughter of my friend, drew her superhero parents and Nesfruta made them real!

Omigoodness, all the kids' drawings becoming real and the kids' reactions when they opened their boxes and saw their drawings become real na real... So fun! I want to do that with my Vito's drawings, too!

If you think that's an excellent idea, too, join the super fun Nesfruta #RealNaReal contest!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

9GAG dug up the truth about Keanu

Or he can be the real Dorian Gray.

Now I suddenly miss Penny Dreadful!

*image from 9GAG

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