Thursday, March 15, 2018

Frances Finds: Belo Baby Baby Wipes

Life with kids sure is messy. We just spent the last day of school eating cotton candy and chocolate chip cookies and ice cream. I almost said no to the cotton candy, mamas, because those airy confections make fingers and cheeks absolutely sticky, but hey, of course we had to celebrate so mama me gave in. Life with kids sure is messy naman na talaga so I just sometimes have to give in to the boys and let them have their fun and just always be on the lookout for anything and everything that can help me control the chaos!

The nicer photo is on Instagram @topazhorizonblog. I chose this pic for this post because
you can just see on the left side, in my bag, my mom find =)

So that's why I'm writing this blog post because last month, Belo Baby sent over a few packs of their new Baby Wipes and I love them. I'm really maarte with wet wipes for my kids because they have to be tough on stickiness and grime but gentle on my kids' skin—lalo na because I use wipes on their private parts also (well, for Piero's now, when I change his diaper). So I happily received my Belo Baby Baby Wipes packs and set out to try them out. Here's my review!

I love the signature apricot and turquoise colors of the Belo Baby brand. 

Mamas, I love them! Each pack is a pretty pink-and-blue affair with the face of the OG Belo Baby herself, Scarlet Snow, on it. Each pack contains 50 wet wipes that are nice and wet. I hate wet wipes that aren't wet! I also like that each wipe is thick. There are no harmful chemicals at all—no parabens, chlorine and petrochemicals. It doesn't even have alcohol or fragrance, which can irritate skin. What it does have is organic chamomile extract, organic aloe vera, and Vitamin E so that my baby boys' skin is moisturized. This is kinda a big deal for me because it is so very hard to keep little boys' skin soft! Also, because we have so many allergies, it's important to me that Belo Baby Baby Wipes is hypoallergenic and pH balanced so I can be sure that when I'm cleaning up cotton candy from my kids' faces and hands, I'm also pampering their skin.

The wipe is thick and soft. And holds a lot of moisture!

It sounds so luxe but one thing I also love about Belo Baby Baby Wipes is that each pack is just P69.75. Hindi masakit sa budget although I still get horrified when Iñigo has a booger-wiping spree and uses one big sheet for one small booger each. But ganyan talaga ang buhay with kids—chaos and mischief and mess but we can still be happy at the end of the day because the dirt and germs can be swept away with Belo Baby Wipes! Hooray!

You can get Belo Baby Baby Wipes from any leading supermarket and drugstore. Plus, get more info from and @belobabylove on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Try it out and tell me what you think!

*This post is brought to you by Belo Baby Baby Wipes.

Sunday, March 04, 2018

Life advice from 6 women at the top of their game

Happy International Women's Month, mamas! I'm so excited to be living in this time when women everywhere are moving boldly to make the world a better place for women and children. And for men, too. For everyone! Feminists are so amazing. If it weren't for them, women won't be able to go to school, to vote, to work, to choose who they marry if they want to marry, to live on their own... Basically, if you're a woman who can leave your house and live a life you chose, then you have generations of feminists to thank! 

For hundreds of years, women didn’t get the credit they deserve. Today, the world is a very different place, and more and more ferocious females are blazing a trail and inspiring women, both young and old, to fulfil their potential and reach their goals. And if you're a mama who is feeling discouraged because work is hard or money is tight or the goal seems impossible to reach, I am here to tell you that the fact that you're still getting up every morning to try and try again is a most amazing thing. Bravo!

Here are words of inspiration from successful women but who went through great pain just to be at the top of their game:

Infographic design by Good Vibes

I'm so inspired really. I love that women are speaking out against evil and wrongdoing—from the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement where women are standing up against sexual harassment and abuse in the work place to the brave women that our government is persecuting all because they're doing their jobs well.

As a working mama, all I want to do is do my job and get paid for it. That's it. Let me do what I'm good at! I don't want to have to worry about getting raped. I don't want to worry about my job security being threatened just because I'm doing good work. Every day, millions of working women fear for their life just because they want to have a career, or they need to feed their family, or they're pursuing their dreams! But every day, we are also helping to change that. Let's never stop making this world better for ourselves and for our children. 

Happy International Women's Month again, mamas! 

Saturday, March 03, 2018

How my sweaty baby boys still smell sweet

I’m a mama of three little boys. Back when they were still tiny babies, I used to dread the day they start running around and getting all sweaty and dirty because I don’t like smelly kids! Well, at 7, 5 and 3 years old, my sons are well past that day. In fact, they spend all day running around, rolling on the floor, jumping about, and chasing each other and their classmates. They get sweaty and they get dirty but they don’t get smelly. Ever!

Kids need to be active (and sweaty) to be healthy. 

I like to think it’s genetics (I don’t have body odor) but since they're still kids, the reason simply is they don't have the factors that plague people prone to B.O. Puberty hormones, obesity, regularly eating spicy food, certain medical conditions like diabetes (bacteria like the sugar in their perspiration)—one or all these things can cause body odor. Sweat itself is just water so it doesn’t smell. But bacteria found on our skin just love our sweat and so the more bacteria you have, the smellier you get.

So the solution is really simple—Get rid of bacteria! Baths are important, of course. Fresh clothes at the ready when the boys get sweaty. And I also use antibacterial everything on my kids—their soap, their hand gel, pocket-sized spray bottles of alcohol. Since we can’t prevent sweat, I can just keep bacteria at bay. 

My little helpers also love doing the laundry.

I even use antibacterial laundry products! Diba I said my favorite household chore is doing the laundry? Well, ayan, my bacteria-aversion has made me choose products like Ariel AntiBac and Downy AntiBac. I like how it prevents 99% germs from making me and my boys smell yucky. No bacteria, no smell. I’m confident that even when my kids play all day, mabango pa rin sila pag-uwi nila sa bahay. Love it! 

P.S. I confess I tried the Parfum Collection lately and my whole family smells sooooo good!