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Friday, April 18, 2014

What I wore 7 years ago today

Seven years married today, folks! Fifteen years madly in love. I was looking through all my previous wedding anniversary posts and blushed at how I completely adored my husband (I still do!), so I was wondering what to do this year on the blog that wouldn't make me sound like an infatuated teenage girl (to my husband's disappointment because he says he loves it when I gush over him haha).

Well, since it's Fashion Friday, I decided to do an OOTD hehe. Seven years ago, this was what I wore:

It's a Kate Torralba design, back when she was still making clothes. Now she's making music. I didn't want something bridal, since at my age (I was 30), I wanted to look sophisticated and elegant, not virginal and sweet. Vince just wanted me to look sexy. He even wanted me to expose my back.

Kate came up with this super tight mermaid dress. In the course of the making of that gown, I had it loosened twice because I kept insisting I wanted to be able to move around. A week before the wedding, however, I had the flu, and the stress just made me unable to eat! So on the eve of the wedding, the seamstress came over to the house to tighten the gown because by then it had become very loose!

My earrings are borrowed from Kate, too. Makeup by my high school friend, Jigs Mayuga. He gave me his services for free, as his wedding gift. Yey!

At the church entrance with my parents! Well, I guess that even if I hadn't wanted to look like a bride, the veil just gave me away. Vince said his favorite part of the wedding was when I ran down the aisle to him. Ya, I couldn't contain myself. I left my parents and threw myself into Vince's waiting arms. I was that excited!

And this is us. I love our wedding clothes. I loved our simple but stylish wedding. I love that we laughed all day that day. We're still laughing today, fifteen years down the road, seven of which as married people, and with two-going-on-three kids, the love we share just gets better and sweeter and deeper. Happy anniversary, Vince!

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Are you CORELLE’s Woman of Health and Style?

Raffles and Company, Inc, the exclusive distributor of World Kitchen brands in the Philippines, is holding its search for Women of Health and Style! World Kitchen is the company that has Corelle, Corningware, Pyrex, Visions and Snapware in its roster of products, and they asked me to invite my gorgeous mommy readers if they want to be the brand's very first brand ambassadors!

World Kitchen and its brands are proud of their role "as partners of modern women and mothers in providing their families with healthy, safe and stylish dining, cooking and baking experiences." I was going to join myself but I'm 37. Yeah, I'm too old. Bummer. But if you're young, gorgeous, and love to cook healthy food, then you just might be what World Kitchen is looking for!

The qualifications:
1. You have to be beautiful, healthy and stylish. An ambassador of healthy cooking must look good!
2. You have to love cooking. An ambassador of cookware and kitchenware must of course know her way around the kitchen!
3. You must be married and you must be a mommy. 
4. You must reside in Metro Manila.
5. You must be 25-35 years old
6. You must be a user of the brands Corelle, Corningware, Pyrex, Visions and Snapware. I don't think you need to have ALL those brands in your kitchen.

The prizes:
1. Your kitchen will get a fabulous make-over from Corelle, Corningware, Pyrex, Visions and Snapware! 
2. You and your yummy, healthy recipes will be featured in the brand brochures, website, Facebook page and other social media sites. 
3. You'll be an ambassador! That means you'll get to enjoy more perks in being part of the Women of Health & Style!

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Free Taylor Swift concert tickets from SMART and Spinnr!!!

OMG naman!!!

The last time she was here, I had just given birth to Iñigo so I couldn't watch her concert. This time around, she'll be here just when I'm about to give birth to my third baby! I don't think I can go!

Well, I heard the tickets are all sold out anyway so there went my chance. Until I saw this announcement on Facebook today! So now my hopes are up again!

Yes, I'm a fan. Anyone who's read this blog long enough knows I love Taylor Swift! My old rabbit, Galadriel, who passed away in 2009 also loved Taylor. We used to sit together late at night listening to Taylor's songs. Sigh!

There are no details yet, and I will update as soon as I know (SMART sends me press releases since they're a partner of my Topaz Mommy blog), but all I can say for sure now is that following SMART and Spinnr on social media is how you can be one of the 350 lucky Taylor Swift fans!

SMART Facebook page
SMART Twitter
Spinnr Facebook page
Spinnr Twitter

Good luck!!!

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