Monday, February 20, 2017

What I found out about mom bloggers at the Carrier SlimPac event

This post is brought to you by Carrier SlimPac Klarwind and XPower 2 air conditioners.

I was invited to a lunch Carrier Philippines hosted for mom bloggers. It was nice and intimate, held at the cozy Aruga Hotel at Rockwell Center Makati.

We were there to know more about the new SlimPac floor-mounted air conditioners Carrier just launched. Jenni Epperson, a lifestyle blogger and author, hosted the event and here she is flanked by the XPower 2 (left) and the Klarwind (right), which was right beside me. I got cold!

We were also treated to some home decor tips from interior designer Irene Dee.

We also found out how to have a more blissful home and intentional life from psychologist and author Michelle Alignay.

Well, I learned something else that day and it's about mom bloggers. Yep!

Here's what I learned about mom bloggers: We ask a LOT of questions!

We asked anything and everything from how the units work, how they've been improved, how they're installed, how are they safe, what colors do they come in, how much they cost, and more! Carrier was so surprised at all the probing and detailed questions that they had to answer of course, so we all went waaaay past the allotted time for the program and ended up having lunch at 1pm. So dear brands who are going to invite mom bloggers for a presscon: Get ready for all our questions!

That shouldn't be a surprise really. When it comes to products for our home and our family, we aren't bloggers just covering an event. We're mothers first and foremost, and we will scrutinize and turn that product upside down and inside out until we're satisfied that it's met our criteria:

1. Is it good for our family?
2. Is it safe for our kids?
3. Is it affordable?

For me, Carrier's new Klarwind and XPower 2 floor-mounted air conditioners meet all three.

1. Is it good for my family?
Yes! Because I live in a high rise along EDSA, I have our A/C on all the time. I can't open our large windows for two reasons: the pollution and my small malikot kids. I can't have the smoggy air coming in and I can't have my kids falling out!

The new Carrier SlimPac floor-mounted A/Cs are not only sleek and stylish and would look good in any home, they are also energy efficient. The 3-step filter system also cleans the air my family breathes. Dust, lint, spores, bacteria, and fungi are all filtered out and away from my family's lungs. That's good news because everyone in my family has an allergy of some sort!

I'm especially enamored with the Klarwind unit because it swivels. The 270° swivel head means it distributes the cool air faster and more efficiently.

2. Is it safe for my kids?
Yes! Aside from that amazing filter system, the new Carrier SlimPac floor-mounted A/Cs won't tip over and crush little kiddies. They are installed not just to the floor but also to the wall. I can be assured that my kids will be safe even with these silent cooling systems in the room. Plus, they are practically invisible. They're designed to blend into the decor so kids will quickly forget they're there.

3. Is it affordable?
Well, the new Carrier SlimPac floor-mounted A/Cs sure aren't cheap. At SRPs of 120K++ and 80K++ for the XPower 2 and Klarwind respectively, I'll have to scrape the credit card mighty hard to buy a unit! But because of its low electricity consumption even though it's so powerfully cooling, because it's so energy efficient, and because of the filter system, I'll be able to save on electricity and allergy medications! The benefits on my wallet is over the long-term and the good things it can do to my family's health makes the Carrier SlimPac floor-mounted A/Cs a great investment!

While I wish this was a review post, I'm not in the market for A/Cs yet as I'm still happy with my energy-efficient and powerful Carrier wall-mounted units. Yes, I'm really a Carrier mommy! But when I'm ready to buy, I'm definitely looking at the Klarwind!

Carrier ambassador Jenni Ep obviously loves the XPower 2.
Jane Cheng, Cat Antonio, Marilen Montenegro, and Jackie Go with the Klarwind.

If you'd like to know more about the Carrier SlimPac XPower 2 and Klarwind units, visit These floor-mounted air conditioners are now available in major appliance stores nationwide.

*photos from Mommy Mundo

Sunday, February 19, 2017

A peek at Tod's Women's SS 2017 collection

I've always loved the classic lines of Tod's bags so I just had to check out the new Spring-Summer 2017 collection!

This is the Sella. The leather is firm but soft. I can't explain it! But I love it. I love the contrast stitching details, too. Must have this!

This is the Tod's Twist. Sleek modern lines but made more fun with the tassel and cube accessories. It's a lovely handbag that you pull apart so you can see everything in your bag. See those silver buttons at the sides? That's the hinge. I love that the bag opens up like a glorious box. Another must have!

This Wave bag and its baby companion are so neon orange, it's crazy! I love that vivid orange! Totally a signature piece.

Since Tod's bags have very simple designs, if you want something more fun, the luxury Italian brand has a collection of bag charms for you.

Here's a better look at the collection:

Tod's Bauletto:

Tod's Bauletto handbag:

Tod's Double T bag:

Double T Petite bags:

 Tod's Wave bag:

 Tod's Micro Bauletto:

And then here am I with my Tod's D Bag. YES! I finally have one! After all these years, I found it at an online store in Japan! The size and color and exact model I want!
I was supposed to use it for work but I've found that it makes a great diaper bag because it's roomy and sturdy. Yep. I finally buy my dream bag and it ends up being a diaper bag!

Anyway. To see more of the Tod's Women's SS 2017 collection, visit their website, Tod's is available at Rustan's Shangri-la Plaza and Greenbelt 4.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Back To School? Making The Most Of Adult Education

While some careers, like blogging, are all about creativity and self-motivation, others have much more clear-cut parameters. I tried looking for a job in a more stable industry a few months ago and I just wasn't getting accepted because my education and experience in the creative industry weren't considered important in the companies I applied to. So I'm thinking of going back to school and getting more qualifications in IT and digital marketing.

If you’re like me and you're finding yourself at a crossroads in life and have also decided to go back into education, there are probably all kinds of questions and uncertainties weighing on your mind. Here, I’ve listed some of the best tips for any adult going back to school…

When you come back to education after a long break from it, it can be a very daunting prospect. If you’re in your 30s (or 40s like me!) and about to go to an institution that’s full of people much younger than you, it’s pretty common to suddenly become much more introverted than you thought you were. When I was in college, I remember having classmates much older than myself... and it was the coolest thing! They were our favorite classmates because they were already working and so could tell us all about the professional life. 

So it may be a little scary at first, but I strongly recommend you come out of your shell. By developing a network of good friends and acquaintances, you’ll do a lot to enhance your experience, and have someone to fall back on when the actual grind of education gets tough. Having people who you can discuss coursework, exams and assignments with, and borrow or trade notes with when you miss a class, will make the whole experience both easier and more enjoyable. It's just like being in college again! Except you have more money, experience and wrinkles now haha.

Manage your time.
Being able to manage your time effectively is essential for any student, particularly adults who are coming back to education after a long break. This is even more important if, like adult students, you’re having to juggle your education with providing for a family and various other commitments. This is actually the only thing holding me back now. I don't have the time yet!

In school, whether in a campus or online, you’ll be supplied with a timetable for your classes of course, but it may be helpful to create your own, setting aside times for all your commitments outside of education that you need to stay on top of. Over time, you’ll learn what needs to take priority, and how to accept the fact that you simply can’t do everything in some instances. Of course, if you need to be on-call as a parent and partner around the clock, it can mean your options are even more constrained. Fortunately, there are ways around this. A lot of popular majors, such as bachelor’s degrees in business administration, are run through online programs that allow you a lot of freedom to move your personal timetable around.

Use technology at every opportunity.
One great thing about education is that it allows you all kinds of opportunities to develop new knowledge and skills, even in things that have nothing to do with the subject you’re studying. If you’re looking to improve your career prospects through further education, then the one thing you should make time for is using all the technology that’s available to you. Basic IT, and everything it’s evolved into, is used extensively at modern educational institutions, and there’s bound to be some way for you to try it all out. The more clubs you join and credits you can obtain related to modern technology, the more impressive your CV will be by the time you go looking for the next big step in your career.

I thought my CV was impressive enough but apparently it isn't anymore. With the world rapidly going online, my extensive experience in print publishing just isn't cutting it anymore. So I need to go back to school, working mamas! If you have tips on which online school or campus is good to old folks like me, please do tell!

*image from Flickr