Thursday, November 13, 2008

The stomach reports

I have been eating unbelievably the past few days. At a party catered by Albergus the other night for the launch of Lacoste's spring-summer footwear collection 2009, I kept going back to the buffet table. I had the shrimp salad with tangy mango dressing, then I got the chicken tandoori, then the tomato cream pasta. Then I dropped by the dessert table and had a peach crepe, which was really good. I sauntered back for a second helping and then had the mango crepe, which was also good. Then I went back for the banana crepe, which was very good too! Then I went home and had a big slice of red velvet cake. Yummy!

That's just one night, one example. Try to imagine the rest of the week! I just can't stop eating lately. If I don't watch it, I might be popping some diet pills together with dessert!

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  1. Sounds delicious. I think I gained weight just reading this!

  2. Silly Wendy =) But studies have shown that smelling food can cause some unfortunate individuals to gain weight!

  3. hi ms. frances!

    i'm taking reductil now.. i'm on my 2nd box na.. feeling ko lagi akong busog and wala talaga akong gana kumain.. there's cravings sometimes, slight lang..

  4. sounds yummy.

    zantrex (no ephedrine) worked for me. but 3months & 20lbs later, my blood pressure went up. i had to stop taking it.


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