Friday, November 21, 2008

Two new LBDs, baby! I love eBay!

So I've been getting inspired by WendyB's posts on her eBay finds (she is amazing when it comes to shopping on eBay!) and so I'm posting some of mine here, just to get the word out on how fun online shopping is. If I haven't said so yet, I'm an eBay junkie, too. Almost all my beautiful dresses and some sexy shoes and vintage bags are from eBay.

Why do I love eBay? Let me count the ways:
1. The hunt! I get a huge high! And y'all know how I love online shopping.
2. Second-hand stuff is kinder to the environment. Reuse, recycle!!!
3. Vintage dresses and bags are amazingly well constructed. They really don't make stuff like that anymore. Sigh.
4. I love the designer dresses I get for a fraction of the cost! I have a Miu Miu, a Prada, a Jill Stuart, an Anna Sui, and a lot more I can't remember. I do know that I now own these two BCBG Maxazria LBDs:

So sexy. So classic. So PHP 800 (USD 16) each! Ah, eBay... I love it!


  1. Don't forget to snipe! :-)

    Have you seen EBay Fashion Addict? She finds amazing things.

  2. I started online shopping just very recently, and I enjoy it, too. I just never buy clothes or shoes because I'm the kind of person who wants to try things out first before purchasing them. I've gotten really good deals on Ebay including a book I've been looking for for so long, and my well-loved PDA phone. A few times, I also bought presents for people on Ebay and had the seller send the package to my friends' addresses.


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