Saturday, November 29, 2008

Blessings update

So people have been asking me how the credit card theft's been and how I am. Well, I'm actually okay. I'm not happy about it but I'm happy about my life so why ruin my wonderful life with a petty thief?

I was telling my friends that in the great big scheme of things, it's just money. Granted, it's a lot of money and I still don't know how I'll pay for it if HSBC decides that I'll have to pay for it (I really hope they don't!). But on that day my wallet was stolen, things did become very clear to me on what's important in my life. When Vince strode into the office pantry, where I was eating with my staff, with this tight and worried expression on his face, my heart went up my throat.

I thought, "Please, dear God, don't let it be someone's dead again!"

Then he said "The bank called. Someone's using your card right now. Check your things."

I hurried to my desk in alarm but all I felt was this huge relief. Of course, when I found out later that the thief charged a TON of stuff on my card, my knees went weak. But that night, I was able to sleep. Every time I would get upset, I'd remember that strange feeling of relief and gratitude that all my loved ones were safe, and I'd feel better. The past week's actually been good. A few upsets now and then and I've practically chained my bag to my person but, I'm okay. Had a lovely lunch with my in-laws, watched the Twilight premiere for free with friends, celebrated Papa's birthday, had fun chatting with old friends... Life is great!

Anyway, a friend sent this email last Wednesday that we must give everything--even the tiniest concern--to God. So I told God that night, "Lord, I know You are sovereign over all and everything will turn out well for those who love You. It is a sin to worry because it shows I don't trust in You so forgive me and I will offer this up to You and trust in Your plan, whatever happens! I just wish You can give me something nice so I won't feel so bad. I know I'm being selfish but I feel really bad so a nice gift will be much appreciated."

That was my prayer Wednesday night. The very next morning, Vince and I won a brand new Samsung TV LCD-HDTV! I kid you not!!! And it came with two fancy DVD players! We're so happy and excited. We feel that more blessings and surprises are coming our way. God is good! God is good!

So I'll leave you with that for a while, dear readers. I need to pack for our trip to Disneyland tomorrow. On my way to the happiest place on earth, they say, but I think I already am there and that's all because of the peace in my mind, the joy in my heart, the love in my life, and the faith I forever proclaim.

See y'all next week!


  1. oh,my! i hope you're okay now ate frances.. enjoy Disneyland! it was indeed a magical place. :P take care!


  2. You are so inspirational with your outlook on life <3

  3. hay at least no harm was done to you. and i'm pretty sure the card company can do something about the charges. hassle nga lang no? ganyan taaga pag magpapasko e :(

    nwys, enjoy your disneylad trip! blog about it k?

  4. That's a beautiful prayer, Frances. God is so good.
    Congratulations for winning that TV. The amount that was stolen from you will come back somehow.
    Lucky you for watching Twilight for free. I burned Php160 for that.


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