Monday, November 10, 2008

Romancing the topaz stone

This blog isn't called Topaz Horizon for nothing. November is my birth month and the yellow topaz is my birth stone. When I was very small, my favorite grandmother, Lola Auring, also a November-born lady, showed me her favorite ring--a huge chunk of deep yellow topaz and told me she would give it to me when she passed on. When she died, well, you know how friends , neighbors and distant relatives descend onto one's home to offer sympathy? Well, let's just say that after all the confusion, Lola Auring's jewelry box and linen closet were empty. So a part of me is always looking for that topaz ring.

I've begun a modest collection of topaz jewelry. Yes, just 6 pieces: a brooch, 2 pairs of earrings, 2 huge rings and a delicate bracelet. It's strange but I love how warm topaz makes me feel. I remember Lola a lot, just looking at the stones. At the same time, the deep yellows and oranges remind me of the sun.

Topaz comes in a variety of colors--white, gray, green, blue, pink, yellow. My favorite ones of course are the pale yellows, deep yellows, vibrant oranges and smoky browns. Those are pretty rare. It's a good thing topaz is a semi-precious stone, unlike diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Even the rare ones are inexpensive. I've gotten really pretty pieces for very little money. Topaz is so pretty but cheap, you can practically buy them by the bulk from wholesale fashion jewelry stores!

Right now I'm eying this fabulous set from Ocampo's--earrings, ring and a pendant. The brilliant yellow stones are about the size of a pinky fingernail, surrounded by diamonds on a yellow gold setting. It dazzles like the sun! It's PHP 30,000 (USD 618) but they're willing to give me a considerable discount. What do you think? Shall this be my Christmas present to myself?


  1. You should let me design something one-off, just for you.

  2. Oh Wendy! You can't even begin to imagine how thrilled I am that a famous designer like you offered that! I'd love it but I don't know how I can get it! I don't want your design sent over here. Philippine post is so unsafe!

  3. I'm a November baby too. I love our birthstone. I have earrings. I'm thinking of getting more Topaz accessories from Ciara Creates.

  4. Hmm... parang for 30 grand have something custom-made na lang? Try Paul Syjuco's Aum Jewels,

    Tell him we're friends hehe...


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