Saturday, November 22, 2008

Crappy weekend but fighting it!

Yep, it's a lousy weekend and that's an understatement. My wallet was stolen yesterday afternoon from my desk and I'm not going to say how much money I've lost through unauthorized credit card transactions but I will tell you this: When the bank told me the full amount, I nearly fainted. And I don't faint at anything. The first and only time I felt like the world was blacking out was when I learned Mama had died. Then this. So try to imagine how much I have to pony up when the billing statement arrives next month.

I'm fixing things now with HSBC and SM Cubao. They've been incredibly helpful, thank the heavens. The theft was captured on our security cameras at the office. I'm filing a police report as soon as I get a good image of the thief. I must say I'm impressed with our security video cams (but not our security guards) since the images are pretty clear. The thief's a fat woman. Yes, if you're reading this, thieving bitch, I just want to let you know you look like a greedy little oinker with no sense of style whatsoever. Obviously, not even thousands of cash can improve your looks or your taste. Okay, venting over. Pardon me, dear regular readers.

Funny thing is I think if she had bought groceries or medicines or even paid a hospital bill with my card, I'd be fine with it. Instead she went off and charged tens and thousands worth of stuff from SM's appliance store. Mind-boggling how evil and stupid this world is.

Although I am already expecting the worst, I do have hope that this will work out in my favor. Christmas is just around the corner and I was planning a big celebration for my family, especially since it's our first Christmas without Mama. Well, money or no money, we're going to have a blast! Actually, Vince and I are already looking on the bright side: This is a good, albeit expensive, lesson that we should be living simply anyway. Cut the credit cards! Enjoy homecooked meals! Shop less! Love more!

Yeah, things are looking up for me =)


  1. Oh my goodness, Frances! We just came back from the homeschool conference when I checked out your blog. You won't have to pay a penny of what that thief has purchased. Have it disputed soon! Hassle nga lang. The thief has to pay the consequences of her actions. Was it an outsider or someone from the office? The cashier who handled the transaction should be partly responsible--that's what the signature verification seminar is for!

    We're praying for you. This is horrible! It's just great that you have high tech security in the office! How pathetic the oinkers is!

  2. What? The banks aren't making you pay, are they? Once you file a police report, they should take the fraud off your account.

  3. Oh my!
    I hope things get sorted out soon, how awful :(

  4. OMG! is she somebody from you office?? yes, if she needs to steal because of a family emergency or something, it would've been a little forgivable (though stealing still is a sin and a crime!). did she buy make up and clothes as well? hehe.

    terrible, terrible but yes, there's a lesson learned. don't let that fatty ruin your christmas. it's just money anyway (kahit sobrang madaming money! waah!). what's more important is your own happiness and the company of family and friends. :)

  5. I'm sorry your wallet was stolen. It's always a shock when that happens! Not to mention the work involved getting everything replaced. That's why I never keep personal stuff, like photos of my loved ones in my wallet.
    The one and only time my wallet was stolen was when I lived in Jakarta - I was in the grocery store and a woman just slit my bag open with a knife while I was distracted by the fruit display. She was gone so fast and the security guard was no help at all.

  6. This is scary! How could she even buy those stuff so quickly? It's amazing how such an 'oinker' can move so fast with stolen credit cards in tow.

    I had unauthorized online charges on my credit card a few months ago, and when I filed a dispute, HSBC refunded everything and changed my card. I don't know if they'll do the same with a stolen card, but here's hoping!

    Anyway, I found your blog over at Entrecard and Nevergirl's blog, and I'm enjoying it loads! Off to my reading list with you. ;-)

  7. Hi, Frances. Sorry to hear about what happened. Hope the credit card company doesn't make you pay for something you didn't buy. Good thing there's a possibility of finding the thief. Take care now.

  8. Aw I'm SO sorry that your wallet was stolen, that's awful. But I'm so glad you're able to see the bright side, sometimes we need to loose what we "think" is so important to us realize what really is important. :)

    And thanks for your comment, it was touching to hear that regardless of all the years of bitterness you've been able to come around and forgive your brother and are now looking forward. <3


  9. *sigh* Christmas is indeed so ironic. Just when the world's supposed to be filled with love during this time, crime rates just go soaring high. Christmas has become so materialistic kaya ayan... people have become deceived with the notion that Christmas is only good if you can shop, shop, and shop. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

  10. Hi Frances. Oinker will probably resell those appliances. The holidays tend to make a lot of people desperate enough to steal from others. SM should've verified your signature or checked the photo in your credit card when that woman made her transaction. It irks me when cashiers in SM fail to do that but they never forget to ask me whether or not I have loose change. Stay positive. Karma will get that woman. Enjoy but be extra careful during the holidays. :)

  11. Neighbor!! Oh my gosh I've been so selfishly absorbed in all these things that seem so petty now that I've read your post. I'm finally catching up with reading your previous ones as well. I hope HSBC takes care of you, they're a pretty good bank.

    By the way, Anne's mom is like their Ms. Marilyn so fyi.



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