Thursday, November 06, 2008

Photos of my life, part 1

Turning 32 tomorrow! Here's a look back at some of the most amazing times of my life!

2006, Obviously thrilled at the shoot for
my very first "letter from the editor-in-chief" photo
(This is not the photo we used, by the way!)

2008, Promoting the magazine at radio stations very early in the morning

2008, At London for the OK! International Conference and very proud of OK! Philippines

2008, Appearing on TV shows, like The Sweet Life with Lucy Torres and Wilma Doesnt,
to talk about Hollywood and how to live like a star

2007, I'm no party girl but when Cosmo magazine
throws its annual Bachelor Bash,
I'm front row and center!
(L-R: Red, Lana, Nic and Coni)

2007, Cosmo beauty editor Nicole and Cosmo fashion editor
Kat and me (no, I'm not from Cosmo)
enjoying ice cream and beauty products

2008, Supporting my darling Kate's store opening
(visit Kate Torralba at Greenbelt 5 now!)

2007, Singing our hearts out at Zo's birthday videoke party
(L-R: Zo, Kat, Jing and Nic)

2007, Ianne and me at the posh salon of Louis Philip Kee, our favorite hairstylist
(Louis has a fab reputation: any woman who goes to him gets engaged/married within the year!
I never thought I'd get married--I liked single life--but I went to Louis in March 2006,
by December that year, I was engaged!)

I'm a rabbit mommy. I've lost a lot of kids
(Christopher Columbus, Waiter, Gandalf and Alice)
and miss them terribly but I still have
Galadriel and Matilda to dote on!

I've had a tiger on my lap. This is little baby Lilo (he weighs like a house). I bottle-fed him!
Big smile but I was also nervous big time!

And here's a little version of a tiger, Maisa's baby boy. I can't remember the Japanese name
but it sounds like Marshmallow

The moment I realized I was a bride

No, I didn't feel like a princess; I felt like a goddess!

My walk down the aisle with my beloved parents
(Mama looked so chic!)

The fun begins!

At the sunny wedding of
my younger brother Theodore to Rose

Realizing my sister Jacqui, who is 13 years younger than me,
isn't a kid anymore... and that she needs a good haircut.
Would like to bring her to Louis but
I don't want her to get married yet!

Our library! Yes, it's a dream come true. I live in a house with a library!

* * * * * * *

More photos coming!


  1. Hi Frances! What collection was that on your right (2nd level, on top of the ARABIAN NIGHTS book)? Was it a Penguin logo? Geee, I was so ecstatic when I saw Jane Austen's classics at Dymocks in Hongkong! Penguin rocks for coming up with compilations like that!

  2. Love that happy wedding picture. Happy birthday!

  3. Hi Frances! So nice to learn that we're just a day apart in celebrating our big day. I just celebrated my birthday November 5th. I hope you'll have a great birthday; good health (like the usual), success for your career and lots of love, hugs and kisses from hubby Vince.

  4. This is a sweet post. Thanks for sharing! Look forward to more photos...

  5. Weng, those are indeed Penguin books of literary classics. I'm still in the beginners collectors stage. There are so many of those books and they're all so cheap!

  6. WendyB, it was the happiest day. Hopefully not the happiest of my life because then the rest of my life would be sad but the wedding day was lovely!

    Happy birthday, Glaiza! And thank you for all those lovely wishes =)

    Corner Turn, will post more pics soon!

  7. i love this post! aabangan ko yung part 2 ha :)


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