Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Coffee means less cellulite!

Over the past couple of years, I've been trying out various cellulite-removing creams. Yes, I'm thin but if you're a woman reading this, you know that cellulite happens on anybody, no matter the size and weight. And I am an unhappy victim.

There are many active ingredients in these creams that are said to be effective in reducing the dreaded dimply skin. These are L-Carnitine, AHA, Retinol, chocolate, gingko, cayenne pepper and caffeine. So far, the ones that have worked on me are those that have the fat-burning L-Carnitine (Nivea Good-bye Cellulite) and the circulation-increasing caffeine and coffee berry (L'Oreal PerfectSlim).

I stopped drinking coffee years ago but when I heard that caffeine is a major slimming ingredient (used in diet pills like Fenterdren, for example), sweetheart, I just started drinking that stuff again! Of course, my insomnia is also back with a vengeance but hey, I can sleep when I'm dead!

*image used with permission from FreeFoto.


  1. "my insomnia is also back with a vengeance but hey, I can sleep when I'm dead"

    I had to laugh at that one :)
    I also sometimes think that people spend too much time sleeping...LOL
    Better things to do,
    . hmmmm,...
    take a nap?

  2. Really? I had to stop drinking coffee because it's messing up with my stomach. Now, I have a reason to revive the old habit.

  3. Old Coot, ya, I've been told I sleep too much anyway. And I have been since ditching caffeine. But now, awake, I do so much stuff! I have so much energy! I'm an Energizer bunny and it annoys some people!!!

    Kat, if coffee's messing up your tummy, then don't drink it. You may be hyperacidic and coffee is never good for that condition!!!

  4. really? then its good i love coffee have been taking them hot even in summers

  5. Good move gal! I liked this post.


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