Thursday, April 09, 2009

Thanks to my Entrecard peeps!

I love Entrecard because it helped boost my blog's popularity. I got a lot of great visits from bloggers all over the world and I have discovered the most fantastic blogs in the process. Here are just some of the most interesting bloggers who've been dropping by this long holiday:
  1. Alterity is busy making hot cross buns for Easter
  2. BeadsMe is very creative with her hands
  3. Contemporary Concepts can't believe the weather in Florida
  4. Really cute Easter eggs at Creative Cafe
  5. Join a movie club and save the planet, encourages The GREEN Power Mall
  6. Jean sQuared is listening to healing songs
  7. I don't quite understand this site but KipTip's advice can be fascinating
  8. Wow! More Than Sew So blogs on a gift from Russia to the US to remember 9/11 victims that is beyond beautiful
  9. Ooh, love the new turquoise bracelet in Sand & Sea Designs!
  10. Find the most exquisite photo of an iris in SUMMER Headquarters
  11. Shop for the most fantastic Steampunk Jewelry
  12. Transformations posts on a mind-numbingly stupid note in a newspaper
  13. Lovely haikus on spring in Washwords
These bloggers have also placed ads in my Entrecard box (the yellow box to the right). Thanks, guys! I wish I could give away prizes (like a fabulous stay at a Riviera hotel in Las Vegas) for being so helpful to me! But until blogging earns me a ton of money, I'll just have to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  1. Hi Frances! Thanks for your inspirational message in my blog and for the link love too :)


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