Saturday, April 25, 2009

What I loved at the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual launch

Yesterday, the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual was launched at a chi-chi brunch at Mag:Net Cafe at Bonifacio High Street. Bubbly was served, which felt decadent to drink when the sun is so high in the sky. Here are the other things I loved: 1. How cute Sebastien Tardif is! Bobbi Brown's makeup artist is gracious and friendly. He's so passionate about makeup and so eager to share all these tips and tricks. I just love passion and generosity. 2. Girls who look great! I like a woman who takes care of herself because that shows she has self-worth. I like people with big smiles, too! Beauty editors Eunice Lucero of, Cindy Go of Preview and Nicole Delos Angeles of Cosmopolitan show us how it's done. 3. Designer bags all in a pile. I appreciate how they're thrown so carelessly on top of each other. People shouldn't treat things too preciously. Precious is how you treat people, not things. 4. Eunice's orange nails. My regular readers will know that I love orange and I love how Eunice can pull them off. This girl is utter perfection. All. The. Time. 5. The color purple. Check out the shoes and Goyard bag of Agoo Bengzon, beauty editor-at-large of Preview, and the dress of Rorie Carlos, fashion and beauty editor of Town & Country. What I didn't love? It was a Fat Day for me. Sigh. So despite the heat, I pulled on my long black cardigan. I think it slims me but Vince says it just makes me look like I'm hiding something unpleasant. My husband is a big believer in flaunting--not hiding--beauty. I can use some of my hubby's gung-ho attitude really but, unlike me, he doesn't have PMS bloat! Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual is available at all Bobbi Brown counters at Rustan's.


  1. Bobby Brown make up have nice colours.
    A big friendly smile is always beautiful :)

    have a great weekend!


  2. You're crazy, woman! What bloat? If you get any smaller, you'd disappear!

  3. Nice colors. Love the orange nails

  4. Hi Duni, yep, I find big honest smiles the best beautifier in the world--whether you're young or old, smooth or wrinkled, teeth or no teeth!

    Chin, haha, so the cardigan does work! I really was bloated that day.

    Myundiary, ya, I'm looking for orange polish already!

  5. Oh looks like it was so much fun, and loved looking at the pictures you posted! :)

    Thanks for your comment, and hope you are well! <3


  6. Looks like you had a lovely time! I love the big pile of bags haha :) x

  7. S-C, ya, learning to put makeup was fun and my hubby thought I looked great when I tried it at home. Yey!

    Frock, ya, that pile of bags gave me hope that women aren't all about acquiring things =)

  8. Must be a Bobbi Brown requirement - the Middle East spokesperson is also very friendly, bubbly and charming! But I've also worked with two Pinoys who also work with Bobbi Brown - one actually did the make-up for our pictorial and he did a fantastic job. I love their tinted moisturizer and the lipstick - putty. Geez, I promised myself I'll get it, haven't gotten around to it yet. Love how they make the make-up look so natural on you!

  9. Ria, I did this smoky eye look that Sebastien taught us (see my beauty blog for details) and even my makeup-allergic hubby loved it!


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