Saturday, April 18, 2009

This is the thief who owes me P80,000++

Last November 21, this woman stole my wallet and charged more than PHP 80,000 (USD 1,709) worth of gadgets on my gold HSBC card.

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This is not the first time she's been featured on the local news. But no one can seem to identify her! The security team of our office building--they had caught her before and released her!--say her name is Noralyn Beltran. Her modus operandi is to go to offices and steal. She does this every end of the week, at around 4 PM, which is about the time people are having their merienda (coffee break) and so are apt to leave their belongings on their desk. This thief must be caught. Please forward this post and video to everyone you know. Thank you.


  1. It seems strange she isn't caught yet - knowing how she operates. Also, how come she can enter any office without people noticing?
    Call me paranoid, but I take my wallet with me wherever I go, even the ladies' room! ☺

  2. Grabe naman! Modus operandi tlaga! :-( I hope the group gets apprehended soon. Parang group sila no. How do I embed the video to my post? I want to repost this.

    See you soon, Frances! :-)

    p.s. made a post on the Origins Ginger Float you gave me for Christmas over at :-)

  3. grabe, i hope she and the rest of her gang be jailed for a long period of time. 80k is not an easy money, are you paying for that amount or the card provider helped you with it?

  4. i saw this on the news over the weekend! grabe she's the same person who stole your wallet?! sneaky little b*itch...

    i hope this woman and the others who have the same MO gets caught and rots in jail.


    love your new look by the way. :)

  5. i hope she gets caught soon. will post this in my blog.

  6. Duni, you are so correct! She's been caught on CCTV cameras and the footage shown all over the news but no one can offer any tips! I'd offer a reward myself but I'm still busy earning back the money I had to pay HSBC. Anyway, she enters offices because we Filipinos are an awfully trusting lot. Sigh.

    Hi Jen! Thanks for the post =) I'll see you on Thursday for your spa review!

    Maggie, I paid the amount in full because HSBC thretaened a long legal battle. That would prove even costlier and more stressful so I just handed over the cash. Grrr.

    Haze, I know! So you make sure to take extra care of your stuff. Don't be stupid like me. Oh, and thanks! =)

    Cris, thanks! I hope your wish comes true!

  7. Hi there. I was also a victim of this thief just last March 27. I was also interviewed by GMA 7. She used up 3 of my credit cards and the total amount is P180K. I will not pay any of the credit card companies. 3 of my officmates were also victims of this thief but during different periods. 2 out of 3 didn't pay. The banks, in the end, reversed the charges. Patigasan lang.

    I hope she gets caught! She was caught before by the Makati Police but was released on bail. I will be filing a request for investigation at the makati police district as well.

  8. Hay naku, Maan, depende raw sa bank din eh. Okay lang, binalik naman ni God yung pera ko. As in! Sobra-sobra pa =D

    Still, just because I'm blessed doesn't mean I don't want justice. Buti na lang I can afford paying the bill--paano kung yung ninakawan ng babaeng ito ay hindi kayanin? Mali talaga. Dapat mahuli itong babaeng ito agad!!!


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