Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Welcome to my playground

End of April. This time last year, the sun was blazing down in unforgiving rays--no surprise since April is always the month we fear our eyeballs would melt from the heat. This year, however, it's raining buckets. Global warming indeed.

This time last year, my husband had just left Playboy Philippines because he realized that if he was going back to the magazine world, he might as well do T3. He had just begun settling back in when we were all told to pack up and move to our new digs.

At last, we were leaving our basement office in Robinsons Galleria! Good-bye to the rats, the cockroaches and the strange dust that coated our desks and computers. And hello to the new home of Summit Media!

For security reasons, I won't post pics of our new office. I will, however, show you my table. It's all cluttered with memos, drafts, press releases, page plans, signature proofs (that's the test magazine pages), invitations and bags upon bags of beauty products. I'm very cluttery. So embarrassing! But I can always find something in that awful mess!

And this is my favorite place: The library. Don't mind the empty-looking shelves--we've got tons of magazines from all over the world!

So a very happy anniversary to Summit Media's lovely new office! I love working here really. Oh, let me rephrase that... I love playing here. Yep, I feel like I'm paid to have fun and that's why this is the best gig in the world!

P.S. Grab the April issue of T3 (it's the bikini issue!) with this remarkable-looking woman on the cover. This is the result of that post I wrote about the yacht and the helicopter. Click here if I don't make sense.

And have you gotten yourself OK!'s April issue? It's our special 4th anniversary issue! It's our best issue yet--anti-aging secrets of Jennifer Aniston and 8 other stars, 69 of the best gowns this year, an exclusive interview with Wolverine star Hugh Jackman and MORE! Be a good Topaz Horizon reader and get a copy now!


  1. Ei Ms Frances, I just bought and read before sleeping the 50th special edition. Love it! Love the frenemies feature, heehee!

    Seeing your new office/cubicle, I suddenly remembered that when I graduated from college, I really wanted to work for Summit Media! But then I got into law school... and well... I feel like all my creative juices have dried up. Haha! Wala lang, I just remembered. I heart your library. :)

  2. has it been a year here in the new office?! wow! i agree, it's more of playing than working really. =)

    ooh, must grab a copy of ok! hello hugh jackman! haha

  3. Hi Frances! Your space looks cute (to think that it's near the window hat's wonderful. I love your flat screen PC too. Hee...he... I don't mind the mess of tables (I being a writer/editor also has the same side of me.) And to me mess is part of being creative.

    Oh and I got to grab the April ish of T3, Vince looked so young in the photo! Believe me, he doesn't look like he's ___ something there.

  4. Twisted Halo, never ever let the creative juices dry up! You can knit or scrapbook... or blog! You blog naman so there, you're still creative =)

    Haze! Hi, preggy mommy!

    Glaiza, that's an iMac. Not a PC! Sorry, the nerd herd will get upset if you call a Mac a PC and vice versa =) Thanks for getting the April issue of T3. Gwapo nya, no???

  5. you really have a great office frances!

  6. Thanks, Nel's Bebi, it's my second home =)


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