Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Okay, I don't want to whine but I just want to express shock over the fact that I am now 111 lbs. Don't roll your eyes just yet. When you're 5 feet 3 inches with small bones, that's 11 lbs too many. When you're in the magazine business, that's 20 lbs too many. I kid!

Anyway, I was reading Glamour and they have this story on women who did something different for one month and afterwards, there was a big difference. Someone wore red lipstick and everyone paid more attention to her, someone ate more veggies and her skin became better, while someone exercised for just one minute every day and she became thinner and lost a few pounds. One minute. Every day.

So I've been doing 3 sets of 10 reps of push ups, sit ups, tricep curls, hip raises, leg raises and squats while I watch The Insider or any show with gossip really (except Gossip Girl. I can not stand that silly show). I find watching entertainment news helps--especially when I watched the coverage of that infuriating Chris Brown pleading "not guilty" of assaulting and making grave threats on Rihanna. Seriously, this guy needs a dictionary. Be a man, Chris, and own up. Geez, he's not only an abusive mess, he's also delusional, a liar, and a coward. The frightening thing is polls done on US high schools say that girls think getting beat up is okay! Girls, abuse is never okay! No one has the right to hit you and abuse you. Damn, this issue gets me so angry that when I'm doing my push ups, I find myself doing them more fiercely!

Anyway, I started my gossip-show regimen last week. I tell you that first time was bad, the second time--with my aching muscles--was worse. But now, well, I still look flabby but I'm stronger. I'll do this for a month and we'll see where this goes!


  1. I'm so glad my stupid laptop crisis still lets me view your blog, I wanted to let you know how happy your package is still making me! My Mum has kidnapped the tote bag haha =)

  2. Yeah, he needs a big thick dictionary whacked on his head. Repeatedly. Until he finds out what the word "assault" means!

  3. Ooh, this is an excellent idea. I might just copy you & start doing random pushups at a certain time of day! Maybe at my desk at work, lol. People will think I've finally lost the plot!

  4. Really? One minute-exercise everyday? Gaaah. :)

  5. Exercising while watching a movie seems a very good idea. I will try it!

  6. omg... same problem here!
    been convincing myself to to go on the abswing but couldn't even make myself walk to where the abswing is... joke!

    i started doing 60 a night,i dunno if that'll do me any good... i'm crossing my fingers!

  7. DaisyChain, super glad my gift arrived in Bristol and super duper glad you (and your mum!) liked the Hello Kitty MAC stuff!

    RiriForever, now let's not get violent (although I totally agree with you!).

    Belowen, ya, the key is to get that body movin'!

    TwistedHalo, ya! One minute! I'll post the article so that people will believe me...

    Eda, ya, instead of us just sitting there, right?

    Camp brat, haha, I so understand! 60 a night? That will do you wonders!


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