Sunday, April 19, 2009

A very happy second wedding anniversary

This weekend, Vince and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary and the 10th anniversary of our first kiss!

We had a very simple day, which started with me cooking a big brunch. Then... I won't go into specifics! Later on, we went to Power Plant for a haircut (yes, a haircut!) because Vince's last haircut was in December and his long hair was really annoying him. Pardon the pics--we took them with the iPhone because I didn't want to lug around my huge camera.
We're both sporting short hair again! Now, if I can only get Vince
to color his hair platinum blonde... but he says if he colors
his hair, it will only be in Oscar the Grouch green. Yikes!

Then we had dinner at Myron's. Oh, but that was a lovely dinner that left us dizzy. I had a crisp salad and a glass of Chardonnay; Vince had a juicy steak and a Shiraz. We also had two orders of these huge baked oysters that were each as big as my hand. I had 7, Vince had 5! We were so full and round, Vince joked that we could just roll ourselves home!
We were supposed to watch Fast & Furious (we are fans of The Fast & The Furious because hot cars and hot stars are a deadly combination) and watch Ferrari parts fly but I think the movie was all Mitsubishi, Nissan and Mazda and no one gave good reviews so we decided to drop by the bookstore instead. I know I never mention books in this blog because I try to keep this blog light and silly but Vince and I adore books and we do believe we've spent a small fortune on Fully Booked.
Outfit details: a BCBG Max Azria LBD with sequined details
that I bought from eBay, a silk clutch I got as a press gift
and black Nine West slingback heels (not shown).

Then home we went for rich Batangas coffee and Selecta strawberry ice cream. We parked ourselves in front of the TV for a marathon of Pushing Daisies and Chuck and a truly bad movie The Day The Earth Stood Still, which we delighted in demolishing. And that was our anniversary!

Anyway, this whole weekend, I've been singing "A Whole New World" from Disney's Aladdin. It was the song I was singing when Vince and I started going out in 1999, and what I hummed as I prepared for our wedding in 2007. You know, even after 10 years, I still feel like I'm in a whole new world. With the one I love by my side, it is indeed still a thrilling chase, a wondrous place for Vince and me.


  1. The food looks wonderful!

    Happy (belated) second anniversary


  2. happy! hehe nakaka-addict pala talaga yung song! na LSS nako!

  3. happy anniversary!

    and im loving your new 'do! short hair just in time for the summer heat.

  4. Haaayyy...You guys are so kakakilig. You and Vince is one nice couple. Belated happy anniversary. More wedding anniversaries to celebrate with a whole lot of love.

    You're so lucky to have each other.

  5. Daisy Chain, you should taste the food--OMG delicious!

    Kae, ya, once you hear it, you'll have to sing it!

    Cris, I love my new hair, too!

    Bucca, WendyB, Glaiza and everybody, thanks! =)

  6. aww,very lovely couple! Congratulations on your 2nd anniv!

    Ps. I love the new 'do! Ganda!

    Pss. I still owe u a tag,hehe

  7. I really enjoyed reading this! So cute! A whole new world is one of the best disney songs - I love aladdin :) x

  8. Nel's Bebi, oo nga, make me that tag--i'm curious! and many thanks! =)

    Frock, yes, i love singing that song! and thanks for dropping by--your blog is sooo cute!


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