Sunday, April 12, 2009

My dream vacation! (Oh, please do come true!)

Happy Easter, y'all! Happy day because today is when we remember that Christ has risen! He has conquered death so that we may live!

Please also remember that rabbits have nothing to do with Easter and that they make the most horrible pets for children since rabbits bite, kick and scratch. So do not buy rabbits today!

Wow, that was one very loooong holiday. To all my readers from other parts of the world, here in the Philippines, Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday is the deadest time in the city. There's no school or work, no malls or movies, no traffic (hooray!) until Easter when everything literally does come alive again.

This year, as with the past years, Vince and I stayed home and just vegged out. While everyone in Manila spent the week in beaches or back at their ancestral homes, my husband and I find traveling at this time more stressful so we just cocoon ourselves. Vince spent the days playing his Fallout 3 game, the one I got him for his birthday last February. Yep, he's been so busy he only had last week to finally play it. Me? I've been blogging and writing and surfing (see happy photo!) and watching TV.

I can see the Hidden Mickeys!

I did watch this show called World's Best... Cruises and one of their top picks is the Disney Cruise. Now, y'all know how I love Disneyland. Remember how I just totally freaked when I went to Hong Kong Disneyland? Embarrassing really. But I still am determined to see all the Disneylands in the world. And now this--a Disney Cruise! It departs from Florida and then goes to its very own island... yes, its very own island!!! In Rachel Zoe's words, "I die!"

The Disney Crusie docks at its very own island called Castaway Cay.

My sea-and-land magical adventure plan!

It's super exciting! My idea is to go see Disney World in Orlando--my best friend Aida says it's so huge I'd need a week to see everything--and then go to Port Canaveral where Vince and I can board the Disney ship! Of course, my partner-in-crime is very skeptical because he doesn't see how we can honeymoon on a ship brimming over with screaming children and mascots, but I'm still hoping to convince him. I guess what he's really thinking of is how much it'll cost.

I've been Googling how to do this cheap (haha) and I think Westgate has the best packages for this magical sea and land adventure! Now... I really have to make more money because money sadly doesn't appear magically and some adventures are made enchanting only because of the cold hard fact that they cost an arm and a leg.


  1. gosh! this is every kid's (and kid at heart) dream come true! we haven't even been to hk yet, that's scheduled for next year when raf's big enough to remember everything. :) ill pray that this trip would push through for u frances so we can gorge on the wonderful photos! hahaha.

  2. ooh! a disney cruise! i want one too, for sure the kids and i would love this. now to convince hubby. haha

    i hope you and vince had a great easter! =) i agree that bunnies is not equal to easter.

    see you around the office!

  3. I saw the Disney Island feature at the Travel Channel. I would want to check it out but it will have to wait till the 'lil gets older.

    Btw, I like the idea of the linkwithin widget, I might get one of those. Thanks!

  4. oooh I like the LinkWithin widget you provided. mind if I use it as well? you might want to check out Orient Express for cruises too - it's not exactly DisneyWorld, but they have some pretty fun and affordable-looking train and boat tours for places like Myanmar and India. (it's not as muggy as it sounds, swear)they even have train packages for the Scottish and English countryside. now that's the fun alternative trip I'm mooning about

  5. Is Euro Disney still open? I just remember it being Disneyland in pastel. And all the songs were in French. Haha

  6. Hay, Kaith, let's pray for each other! Yes, do HK Disneyland because it's small and manageable for the kids (and their exhausted parents hehe).

    Hi Haze, yes, we loved the holiday--it was just me, Vince and our fat rabbits! Peace and quiet! =)

    Corner Turn, we watched the same show! Weren't the other cruises crazy?

    Anna, I got that LinkWithin from another blogger, Wendy Brandes. I'll check out the Orient Express. Maybe we can afford that one. The Disney Cruise is incredibly expensive! =(

    Tisha, yes, it's still open!

  7. It's so lovely for you to note the real reason behind Easter, as too many think it really has to do with bunnies! ;)

    And oh hope you get to go on the cruise you want too, the pictures make me want to run to the nearest beach or body of water and go swimming! :D

    Thanks for your lovely comment! <3


  8. Neighbor! Ooh you got na your HP Mini, cool! :) I'm slightly inggit with your 10.1 screen :p

    My dad has an 'Easter Hare' phonecard for you by the way. Yesterday I remembered you because I saw litte Japanese bowls in Cartimar and they had cute bunny designs.

  9. I have always, ALWAYS wanted to go on a cruise!

  10. Wow, that seems like fun! I haven't been to any Disneyland in my life since I don't really dig vomit-inducing mechanical monsters, but the cruise sounds great.

  11. I'm going to HK Disneyland next week! My family leaves for HK on Sunday! Yipee! :)

    I didn't want to go on this trip initially but when I found out we were going to Disneyland, na-excite ako! :)

    Didn't get to swing by your desk. I'll remember to do so tomorrow, err, later na pala.

  12. S-C! Yes, we are all evangelists of Christ so any chance I get, let's proclaim the good news!

    NY Minute, your dad is the sweetest thing. I have an upcoming post just to thank him for his generosity.

    Belowen, we are kindred souls! My husband definitely doesn't want to go on one so I guess this post is useless!

    Kat, Disneyland is great because all the rides are kid-friendly, they're almost boring. But trust me--it's still magical!

    Ro, INGGIT AKO! Take as many pics and post them all! Ya, got busy, too, kanina so I'll se you tomorrow!


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