Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Batangas weekend was hot!

As in literally hot, the sun burned my cheeks and shoulders. That was minimal sun exposure--I didn't even swim or sunbathe. Vince was smarter than me--he just stayed indoors all weekend long.

The night before we left, I typed my Facebook status as: "Going to Batangas and praying for clouds." Lizelle, my sister-in-law, got perplexed and said that all the kids were praying for the sun. Well, God listens to the prayers of little children because in San Juan, the sun unleashed all its blazing glory.
Our villa at the Acuatico Resort in San Juan, Batangas

Vince (and me) take shelter in the island bar

We did brave the infinity pool for the requisite photo...

... and explored the beach for a few scorching minutes

Vince squints at me, the blinding beige sand and the sparkling sea

Yes, we're strange that way; we're not fond of the sun at all. But when we see clouds on the horizon, our spirits lift. And when it thunders and pours, Vince and I are the happiest creatures. The harder the rain, the darker the sky, the more ecstatic we get. That's why we love the rainy summer this year and that's why we chose gray London for our honeymoon!

The rest of the Sales family, however, are sun babies. They stayed in the pool the entire weekend! They were all a dark shade of brown by the time we went home.

Phil and Reza cuddle while their son, Sean, looks on

Lit, Anj, and the irrepressible Zo

Mommy Di and Daddy Mon

Thomas relaxes in our air-conditioned villa after his swim

Nevertheless, despite the unforgiving sun, it was a fun weekend. The kids were so excited... and that's an understatement of epic proportions! Acuatico is indeed a lovely place and I'd love to go back there... in the rainy season!


  1. I was smiling when I read you like clouds and the rain.. Rain makes me happy plus a bowl of chicken soup and a book..

    Nice photos by the way.

  2. the infinity pool looks promising. ^_^

  3. D-C, thanks! It was a beautiful place!

    ChinkyGirl, it was fun =)

    Mai, we are kindred spirits. There are so very few of us who love rain...

    eMz, the infinity pool is just one of the attractions!

  4. I do like the rain...as long as I'm indoors. Or playing disc on a muddy field!

  5. Wow! Beautiful resort! How was their food?

  6. Tisha, the rain makes me sleepy, the rain makes the hubby horny so yes, we prefer to be indoors when it rains, too!

    Rico, the food was quite good. Not fantastic, but good. But they have to do something about the flies. The flies!


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