Monday, May 18, 2009

My Stepford Wife dress

I love this Kate Torralba dress. It's a backless halter with deep pockets hidden in each side of the tulip skirt. It's a housewife dress--sexy, comfy. My husband definitely agrees with the sexy part!

Anyway, my favorite part of the dress is the print. I call it the Stepford Wife dress because look at the pictures!And though you may find it ironic that a career woman like me loves a dress like this, you'll be more surprised to learn that I can cook, wash, iron, mend, sew, polish, scrub, and do a lot of housewifely things very very well! After all, I was trained since I was 5 years old to be a wife (yep, my parents had but one ambition for me) so I can keep a house and manage a career, too. Stepford Wife!


  1. Lovely dress frances.. Its a happy dress.

  2. this is inspirational! lovely outfit I am green with Envy!!!!

  3. Yes! Women can do it all! :-) Hooray for Stepford Wives. Hehehe.

  4. iLike! The prints are amazing...

  5. MaiMai, ya, it makes me a happy girl!

    Jill, I know you're a Stepford Wife, too!

    Bucca, Kessa Thea, thanks!


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