Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy little fat wabbit

Nope, the fat wabbit's not me! Anyway, a few days ago, L'Oreal Professionel launched its wonderful new line, the Nature Serie, at the elegant M Cafe just across the Ayala Museum (see above). I wore my utterly fab eBay find--my BGBG Max Azria sequined LBD with my sequined black flats and Gucci shoppers tote.

The bags behind me are the giveaways--filled with shampoos, conditioners, masks and other lovely hair stuff that's so organic and gentle, you can use them on your kids!

In keeping with the nature theme, the event featured organic produce which we guests can take home. It was such a delight to shop for fresh veggies! But while the other guests were thinking of salads, I was thinking of my bunny wabbits, Galadriel and Matilda (pictured below in our kitchen).Obviously, the bunnies were ecstatic with what Mommy brought home. Mommy was more ecstatic with the delightful products--each guest brought home a huge tote bag filled with the entire line!
So so happy! I'll be doing a more thorough review of the products in Beauty For A Living, where everything from makeup and lotions to strange treatments and diet pill liporexall reviews are featured! Watch for it within a week, okidoki!

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