Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pretty Chinese stools all in a row

I know we seem to be shopping a lot lately but remember we did sell our truck a couple of months back. Even though it was a good energy-efficient pick-up truck with cheap car insurance, we decided to let it go since we walk to work anyway. Besides, with the global credit crunch, let us shop (wisely!) so that the ailing economy will recover!
So a few weeks ago, I saw these exquisite Chinese porcelain garden stools in Dimensione High Street. I promptly fell in love with them. Now, I live in an apartment with no gardens whatsoever so I didn't buy any. But I kept thinking of them so Vince and I finally went back last week. Vince kinda balked at the price but even then he told me to get a pair since one stool would look lonely. I said, "Nah, let's just get one. We just bought two overpriced chairs."

The blue stool features the prettiest fuschia flowers. Love it!
The pinks are obviously designed for the boudoir
The yellow is vibrant and would definitely be a statement piece
This pale blue is pretty but we were afraid
it would disappear in our blue home

The gray ones have delicate flowers

So we looked over all of the pretty porcelain stools. I couldn't decide between the yellow and the pink. Vince said, "I think we should get the yellow one. And I really still think you should get a pair." After much agony from me and much exasperated impatience from Vince, I finally decided to get the blue one with pink flowers. Here it is at home...

Hmmm. Methinks I should've gotten the yellow one. And Vince is (again!) right--one stool, no matter how pretty, looks terribly lonely. Well, I'll just go get the yellow one then! (Although I quite like the pink one, too...)


  1. you appear to have a lovely home, Ms. frances!

    i hope i'll be able to get one too in the future and buy all the lovely furnitures i see.

  2. The blue one is a great choice. I'm glad you went with that one. That was the first one I noticed. If I was there I'd probably have bought the blue one or maybe the yellow one. I love how happy the yellow one looks, it would definitely add brightness to any place.

  3. i like the yellow ones. it would be an eye-catching piece for a blue homy living room like yours.

  4. Ranran, thanks! It took me and the hubby a lot of time studying design books, watching design shows, poring over furniture stores, and a lot more time earning the money that bought all those nice things!

    ChinkyGirlMel and Jarminator, I'll definitely get that yellow one. I just need to work a little more for it!


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