Saturday, May 30, 2009

When those 30 seconds really were worth your time

TV commercials these days are just crap. They're mostly inane and stupid and just assume the viewer is just as stupid and inane. Remember when it was actually a joy to sit for the commercial breaks? These days, I use those breaks to surf other channels, go to the loo, check the ref for food, or write Colonix reviews in my new beauty blog.

There are a few good ones that I do enjoy. Like this one from Close Up:

And this one from Sony Bravia three years ago:

And the "First Time, First Love" commercial of Coke! So '80s! (Yes, I was born in the '70s so I have a pretty good memory of this ad):

The '80s were the golden age for Coke ads but my favorite was the Pepsi commercial starring Fred Savage where he was writing a love letter to a girl and he was inspired by the drink, prompting the girl to realize, "I feel like... a Pepsi." So sad I can't find it on YouTube!

But the ad I truly truly love is this vintage Apple TVC that my husband tells me brings back memories of another age.

We feel every word because Vince and I have always been the misfits, the rebels and troublemakers that people never really understood. I know my parents always worried about me, afraid I'd end up dead because I always stirred up trouble but, hey, I turned out okay! The funny thing is, as media people, Vince and I are both in positions where we can actually mold the minds of our readers. It's crazy that we are where we are. We have dangerous thoughts and someone is actually paying us to spread them!

By the way, I found this vid through the utterly wonderful poet Susannah-Cole. She inspires me with her words and her images, and we are both "secret keepers of hope," believers in moving the world forward one blog post at a time.


  1. i usually just skip commercials now.

  2. Oh gosh... that "First Time First Love" coke commercial set the tone of how I pictured LOVE in my life. :-) that started my hobby for writing teen romances on my artista-cover spiral notebooks! haha! it was great growing up in the '80s!

  3. Neighbor! I still vividly remember the Coke commercial with Lilet in the 80's, as in: "I am the future of the world/ I am the hope of my nation/ I am tomorrow's people/ I am the new inspiration..." Hehe :D

  4. whenever MANNY PACQUIAO has a match - the shitty commercials comes out like zits on Archie's face.

  5. SavvyMode, yup, I skip them, too. Waste of time!

    Mrs. Palarca, ya, wasn't that Coke commercial the definitive TVC on LOVE??? Hahaha.

    NYMinute, the English commercial was the international one, where this blond girl sang that with thousands of kids in a library or lecture hal, I think. Ours, sung by Lilet, was Tagalog =)

    Ape, of course! Those ads paid for that broadcast! If it had no ads, there wouldn't even be a fight to begin with.


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