Saturday, May 09, 2009

Fight the book fight!

For me, the thought of a future without books is equivalent to a big dose of appetite suppressants since in the few days after I wrote my last post, I could hardly eat from worry and sadness. However, I am now happy to report that many Filipinos have mobilized protests against this new policy and rained complaints on the Departments of Finance and Customs. This country is indeed great!

Also, Robin Hemley, Director of the Non-Fiction Writing Program in the University of Iowa and the man who started this all with his report on "The Great Book Blockade of 2009", mentioned my very own post about the issue in his website! Thanks, Kae, for telling me about this. I was surprised and quite honored! It definitely put me on a good mood to cook all weekend!

Now, remember--the fight ain't over yet! Do your part, Pinoy, and make books part of our future!


  1. wow, congrats frances! you're famous internationally already! :p

    And I'm really hoping this idiotic idea goes *poof* fast!

  2. Austenfan, I wouldn't call me "famous" but thanks!

    WendyB! You dropped by! Love it!


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