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Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's Valentine's Day all over again!

So Vince ordered the Cambridge Satchel from chocolate schu bar for me. It was his Valentine's Day gift. I was over the moon, I tell ya! schu told us to expect the shipment by March but delays in shipping do happen--I know this because I shop online a lot so I didn't mind at all.

And then, last Friday evening, Ruby of schu DM'd me on Twitter:

I was sooo excited! I kept Tweeting my excitement!

However, I had to wait till today before we finally picked up my new bag. Apparently, I am patient after all!
Vince gives me the best gifts--Vito being the bestest!
Et voila!
I love it!!! Will post a detailed bag feature on Beauty For A Living soon! Sigh. Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks, Vince!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Glad I saw the Cambridge Satchel at schu first!

I spent a few sleepless nights obsessing over the yellow Cambridge Satchel a few weeks ago. Vince ended my agony and told me he'll buy me one for Valentine's Day! Hooray! So off we traipsed to Chocolate schubar at Power Plant and committed by finally scratching the credit card. I'm just waiting for my bag to arrive next month! EQ is being mightily tested!

Now, as I was waiting, someone told me that Kate Spade's SS '11 campaign stars the ethereal Bryce Dallas Howard and leather bags that are soooo similar to the Cambridge satchel. Now I love Kate Spade. I really really do. So imagine my anguish when I saw the ad in this month's InStyle:

Sleepless I was yet again! Look at how gorgeous these are!

And then I saw that the Kate Spade Essex Scout is smaller by an inch and yet P11,000++ more expensive!!! Whew! The Cambridge Satchel is just P5,799 and it's very very British and very very cool. 

You know what the best sleep aid is? Knowing you made the right choice--whether it's as serious as choosing your life partner or as silly as choosing a bag! I'm sooo happy I chose the Cambridge Satchel. Can't wait can't wait!

Want your own? To order, go to schu's Facebook page.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

It's all Rajo's fault

But let me start at the very beginning.

Since Mulberry designed a bag for It Girl Alexa Chung, I've always wanted to get my hands on the Alexa.

My friend Nikki proposed to buy one for me last Christmas when she and her family went to Hong Kong. But it's USD 1150. That's quite a bit of money, that Alexa, so I said, "Thanks but (sob) no thanks!" Then I figured I'm sure to find a similar shape here somewhere.

And I did find one in Aldo. It's the same shape and I was actually about to buy but I got very sick and so stayed home to work (Yes! No rest for the weary!) I also had my browser open to Twitter. One Tweet from fashion designer Rajo Laurel intrigued me. He tweeted that he just had the most lovely thing with a link to his blog on Stylebible (click here).

Which is how I discovered the Cambridge satchel! Rajo described it so lovingly and with such delight that I wanted one!

But I thought, "When will I go to London? With an infant in my life, not for a long while!" A few minutes later, Schu tweeted that they are the official distributors here in the Philippines! Schu's Ruby Gan sent me their Facebook album and... Ladies and gentlemen, I'm in love. With the yellow bag and the price!

My only problem with the yellow is if I have my initials stamped in gold, the letters will disappear. So I'm thinking of getting red. But my heart belongs to the yellow! Maybe no initials na lang. Still thinking about those initials. Maybe I shouldn't personalize so I can pass it down to Vito or a daughter one day.

Grabe, this Twitter, ha. Parang mapapa-gastos ako nang di oras with all the stuff I find (follow me!). Anyway, if you want to order your very own Cambridge satchel, visit Schu's Facebook page for details.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shopping again... for a hospital!

I'm in St. Luke's Global City. I only came here to interview an OBG for an article on prenatal massage for Smart Parenting magazine. But I found myself roaming about, too!

I like it here. It's so big and new and shiny and bright! The hallways are wide, there's real piano music playing in the lobby which has paintings, sculptures and nice modern furniture. I have other reasons (they're all in my mommy blog) but I forgot to add that I also like that I look so pretty in the mirror of this clinic. And when you're pregnant, you like mirrors that make you look real purty! 
Oh, I'm wearing an oversized tank layered over an oversized t-shirt from Gingersnaps. These are suuuper soft! Shoes are triple-bow gold flats from Schu. Bag is a Longchamp. Necklace is Liz Claiborne (see necklace in the mommy blog post).