Saturday, July 31, 2010

I need some advice, girls

My hubby has a really fantastic tech blog called Third World Nerd and in it he writes about game, software, apps, phone and digital camera reviews, new gadget launches and events, and how to order stuff from all over the world. That's the good news.

The not-so-good news is all his followers are girls! Nothing wrong with that, of course, since technology is not strictly for the male species, but I guess I'm just being jealous, especially when this one girl commented that my hubby is so cute. Like, wow thanks, but how is his face related to anything tech?

So... I was thinking of promoting his blog to men. Problem with that is I don't really have a lot of male blogger friends. Do you? Or is your hubby/boyfriend/brother into phones, gaming, cameras and stuff like that... and are they bloggers, too? Because I was thinking of sponsoring another contest to get you girls to get your guys to follow Vince's blog. I just don't have a gadget-y prize! All I have are beauty products.

So help! If you have suggestions on how I can stop these girls from creating a Third World Nerd fan club, I'd super appreciate it!  


  1. Hey Fran!!! I would reco your blog to hubby since he is into gadgets these days as well. I am so sure hubby would love reading about purchasing them from all over the world and all.
    Contest is really cool, maybe some of our friends from NOKIA would be generous to help you out? Try, nothing wrong!!! Hubby can make a huge review for them too...
    Well, I just notice mostly it's girls who loves to read blogs so I guess it can be one reason too right?

  2. Hahaha!

    You're so funny Frances! =D

    But I'd feel the same way if I were in your shoes! =D Isipin mo na lang, ang ganda ganda mo at pinagkakaguluhan ang hubby mo! lol!

    The girls who read your blog kasi are the same ones who check out also your hubby's blog =)

    I'll promote your hubby's blog to my guy friends para magkaron ng mga men readers ang hubby mo =)

    Take care! =)

  3. Frances! You are too cute! I am sure the Third World Nerd has his eyes solely for the Topaz Horizon girl!

    Anyways, I know you only have beauty products as prize but maybe, ask a question that "girl readers" need to check with their guy friends, boyfriends, husbands, brothers or dads. Let's say, write down what they're looking for in a gadgets blog? In that way, the girls gets the winning prizes but the boys got to know about the blog through them! Am I confusing you? I hope not! :D

  4. Oh Frances, not sure if my first comment went through.

    As I was saying, that's cute that you got jealous of the "girl followers" you shouldn't be. I am sure the Third World Nerd only has his "hots" for the Topaz Horizon gal :P

    Anyways, my suggestion is..since you get beauty products as prizes, probably, create a contest that needs the "girl readers" to talk to their guy friends, boyfriends, husbands, dads or brothers to get the answer. Let's say, "What are they looking for in a gadgets blog?" If I plan to join the contest, I'll definitely ask my hubby about it then he'll probably ask what is this contest for..then it's like a chain reaction :) Maybe..just maybe..they will check out Third World Nerd's Blog and get hooked :D

  5. I don't read Vince's blog (I'm a bit of a Luddite) pero after reading this, naintriga ako. Lo and behold, pero girls nga ang followers.bwahahahahha. hayaan mo na yong nag comment. I'm sure it's just a harmless admiration for your husband. :)

  6. I think the followers are mostly followers of your blog (including myself). And if they're followers of your blog, they know how devoted you two are to each other, so no worries!

    I get how it can be annoying though! Sorry I have no tips or husband doesn't have his own blog (nor does he have an FB account!) so he won't be able to follow Vince.

  7. Ahaha! So cute, F! :) I don't have a guy ATM but I know some male bloggers so I'll try. I've been recommending Vince's site to my male friends at work but they all don't have a Blogger account so they just bookmark it and read it from time to time. Super helpful daw! :)

    As for the commenter, heehee, I'm sure wala lang yun, lalo na Vince's wife is YOU!

  8. awww don't feel jealous frances! I'm sure all those comments mean nothing to vince :) anyway paul is a blogger and yes he's very techie too! will definitely show him vince's blog for him to add to his top list :)

  9. Hi, Frances!

    I'll help out by recommending my hubby and techy-brother to read your hub's blog. Like Vince, they both have their own take on gadgets, especially my bro.

    Don't worry about the girl-followers of TWN. I think it's only cuz there are really a lot of your followers following his blog.

    I hope you don't mind me suggesting a blog marketing tip to help your hubby? One of the best ways kase to get his blog followed is to comment on other blogs in his niche. Perhaps TWN could start commenting on other tech blogs? This is one of the fastest ways to market his blog, and one of the "guerrilla" tactics of blog marketing (I work for an Internet marketing biz, so just a tip!) When other tech bloggers see his comments and input, they will click on his link, view his blog, and hopefully "follow" it, if proper blog "protocol" is expected. ;)

    Anyway, I think a contest for your readers would be swell. I wouldn't mind joining with the possibility of winning, hehe!

  10. Hahahah! this made me laugh. ate frances, for the loot i really have to comment. :P kidding!!! i'll tell my Yanni about your hubby's blog then. :D

    PS: hope things are well with you and the baby. :)

  11. Just saw this now, can't help but laugh, you're too cute! Lalu na that you're pregnant, double cute pag nagseselos =P

    My guy is not a blogger, but don't worry, I'll share the link to the techie guys around me here.

    Smile na, *hugs*!

  12. Hi Frances, try out

  13. ur sooo cute getting jealous like that! haha! my husband is soooo into technology, but he's not into i wouldn't be able to convince him to read Third World Nerd's blog...i can't even convince him to read mine, hahaha! we can link it on his tipidpc account though! :D

  14. Aha, so many tips and tricks! Thanks!

    First, thanks for recommending Vince's blog to your guys. Super appreciate it!

    Second, sige, I will try to get prize sponsorships!

    Third, I've tried telling him that he has to comment on other similar blogs but he gets shy daw.


  15. Hahaha, I know why most of his readers are female. It's because of you! You talk so much about your husband that I'm sure a lot of your readers (like me) have taken to checking out his blog as regularly as we do yours. Anyway, sorry I don't have tips for you but I'll try to get male friends to check out his website. :-)

  16. hi frances,

    i would love to recommend your husband's blog to my bf. He is a nerd too but for some reason he is sooo lazy to read blogs.

  17. I'm now a follower even without reading this post. By the way I'm a guy.

    My wife keeps on reading your blog and I got interested too especially on your several topics about money.

    More power to the thirdworldnerd and also to you!


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