Friday, July 02, 2010

33 weeks and 3 days pregnant today

This is what I wore to my doctor's appointment today and to the Forever 21 VIP opening party.

Such a pretty dress, right? I bought it from Kamiseta. Yep, I'm 8 months pregnant and still no maternity clothes! You just really have to spot which normal dresses can accommodate a big belly.

I try to look pretty because if I don't try, I will just get depressed. I know to most people, I'm not a fat pregnant woman but to me, 100 lbs average, I am huge! And when I say that, I get a rolling of the eyes but it really is very strange to be buying clothes in large sizes and underwear in XXL. I've been XS or S for the past 32 years, for crying out loud!

I also feel so heavy--130 lbs is not easy to carry. I walk slowly and with a most ungraceful duck-like gait. My back hurts like hell. Stretch marks are now very visible on my abdomen and thighs. Cellulite is everywhere. There's milia on my cheeks. My armpits have turned black. My toes and fingers look like sausages.

I'm not complaining, though. Everything will go back to normal (or so I hope!) in a few weeks' time and I'll have a beautiful baby boy to erase all the ugliness in my body away.

I'm so glad that even when my husband pointed out the cellulite on my thighs and the stretch marks on my tummy, he did so ever so gently and with a tender rueful smile. He understands. And for that, I'm definitely booking a laser appointment for those nasty stretch marks, a deep cleansing and whitening facial for the milia and acne scars, more whitening treatments for the armpits, and hitting the gym for the cellulite! Because Vince deserves a gorgeous wife just for being so nice to me!


  1. i feel you frances!!!

    i have always been a size 0 or 1 for 30 years and then during pregnancy, i gained 45lbs!!! I know! I craved for so much ice cream while carrying my baby because i was bedrest because it was in the middle of "hell"-nino!! haha!

    But two weeks postpartum, I lost 25lbs by breastfeeding and simply by being puyat because i was taking care of the baby.

    You could see my before and after figure here:

    Anyways, i still have 20lbs more to lose and i am so trying my best to bring back my former figure..

    And you are so right, our husbands deserve a gorgeous wife because they are so great and because albeit the stretchmarks and cellulites, we know that we will always be beautiful in their eyes =)


  2. I have to disagree, you still walk gracefully sweetie! I told you! I wanted to be as gorgeous as you when I get pregnant! I will definitely ask for tips when the time comes! Great seeing you last night!!! :D See you some other events! Muwah :x

  3. From a mom to a mom, I think you're a pretty pregnant mommy :) Don't book those laser appointments yet. The stretchmarks in the tummy will go away eventually. Mine disappeared after a year :)

  4. You & Vince are admirable, you make life less complicated & just happier for each other. Sana ganyan din ako if I get married. =) And don't worry Frances, from my out of the box point of view, you are one pretty pregnant woman, and when the baby boy comes out, babalik din sa dati, even better! =)

  5. Hi Frances! May I know where are you having your laser treatments for stretchmarks and whitening treatments? If you have the prices too, salamat! You can email it to me, Because I badly need it too and I trust your opinion before I decide which of them delivers its promise. Btw, first-timer ako sa ganyan. No idea talaga :) Thank you and stay pretty!

    Lots of love,

  6. For your last line alone, I want to bear kids for my future husband, whomever he might be! :) I've wanted to be beautiful for myself all my life and this post makes wanting to be beautiful so selfless :)

    You are beautiful! I was so amazed how you were especially pretty when we were at Tea Republic then. :)

  7. you still look pretty to me! :)

  8. Loved the dress! The pattern's such an eye candy. So chic! On the other hand, time's really fast. Kelan lang you blogged about how you found out you're pregnant and now it's been eight months.

    I can relate to that part when you said about those back aches. Though I'm still single, it's among my concerns too -- if ever I do get preggers since I got scoliosis so thoughts about the discomfort and weight of carrying someone inside creeps in.

    On the weight, my mom once told me "maybe you'll gain weight once you get married and be pregnant." -- na parang siya na yung desperate na mag gain talaga ako because I've been skinny eversince.

  9. i get so envious whenever i read how much you and vince love each inspiring. dont worry too much bout those things, you're still pretty and for sure you'd be prettier and sexier after giving birth :)


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