Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Look at what I found--a picture of me at 23!

Or 24. The black hair kinda gives away the time. I was black for a year (when I was 23 to 24) before I finally decided that black hair just doesn't suit me and went red. Which suited me really well! But then I had to try blond and chocolate brown and... okay, where was I?

This photo is from the Candy website. I wrote an article for them a thousand years ago, which I promptly forgot, and then they put it online! I'm a bit embarrassed over the article--sounds really amateurish, so... young. Then again, I wrote it when I was very young. More than a decade ago actually. Sigh. It doesn't feel like any time has passed at all.  

My gosh, just a shallow comment: I was soooo thin here! No tummy! I miss my no tummy body! This was the time Vince and I just started dating. My goodness, I was, like, totally in love with him. Still am! But now it's really love; back then I think it was more of lust!


  1. I get what you mean by in lust! lol! ron and I are hopefully going to go where you and vince are na. :)

  2. That last sentence really cracked me up! And I'm sure a lot of your readers are as interested as I am to see a picture of you blonde! I can't imagine it!

  3. I've never had a "no tummy body"! Har

  4. So skinny Frances! Haha! You know what, I keep remembering this article you wrote for Seventeen ata yun, about living on your own? It was peppered with your pictures haha! Your hair was much shorter, can't remember the color though, parang red. In one of the pics you were wearing a bandanna pa hehe. Funny, I keep remembering the pics when I visit your blog. :)

  5. wow miss frances! Youre so payat here! heheh :)

  6. Hey F! :) I read the article yesterday and I pondered over it. At 23 or 24 {which I am today}, I don't think I can dole out such wisdom as you did. Don't think it's shallow, because I know Candy readers need this kind of words :)

    If you have an archive of things you wrote before, I hope you'll be able to share because I love reading them! :)

  7. Hehe I love the last line!=) And Frances, you still look pretty way back then!

    P.S. I'll be hosting a big giveaway on my blog soon. Hope could come visit!=)



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