Thursday, July 08, 2010

How I make my garlic bread (it's easy!)

Vince cooked his super special spaghetti with tomato meat sauce last weekend. Yes, if you've been following this blog, you know my husband can cook! Anyway, whenever he prepares that, he asks only that I make garlic bread, and I'm going to share with you my super duper easy way of doing it!

First, toast some slices of bread in the oven.

Second, slice a garlic clove in half.

Third, rub the garlic on the entire surface of the toasted bread. The now-rough surface acts like a grater and the raw garlic gets into each tiny crevice. This smells wonderful.
Fourth, spread creamy golden butter on the bread slices
to seal in the garlic.

Fifth, slice bread in half and serve immediately.

YUM! Now this is such an easy way to make garlic bread! This recipe sure beats my Papa's way of making garlic bread. When I was a kid, he'd make me chop up tons of garlic and then mix the smelly mess into a tub of margarine, which I'd have to spread very quickly on hot bread. The garlic almost always falls off and then I'd get scolded for not chopping the garlic finely enough!

Enjoy making and eating this!


  1. Neighbor! Nag-parallel universe nanaman tayo, I've recently just made my Happy Spaghetti, but no garlic bread. I like your mess-free and easy technique!

  2. drools!!! looks so yummy! hmmmm... might try your recipe! Thanks! :)

  3. hahaha! i make garlic bread the way your father did and i didn't like biting big chunks of garlic! this is a very clever recipe! thanks for sharing!

  4. Your technique sounds much less dangerous than Zang Toi's

  5. I have my own style but I have to admit, yours is a lot easier! And the toasted bread surface acting as a grater is brilliant! =) I'll try it! Have a lovely weekend, Frances. <3

  6. It's "which I'd have to spread." In your sentence, you used the simple future tense, which means you would be spreading the butter in the future. You should have used the imperfect tense, which is a form of the past tense used to describe past situations or habits (as opposed to one-time actions).

  7. hi frances,

    i tried your recipe but it didn't turn out right. The garlic tasted raw on the bread.


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