Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Relocation. Rejuvenation.

Just want to say that I'm loving where I am right now. To make room for the baby, who will stay in our bedroom for his first year, we've transferred my gorgeous Prizmic & Brill writing desk to Vince's study. In one corner, him; in the other, me! So now I actually get to spend more time with him!

This isn't a good photo of me (hair unbrushed, no makeup) or my desk (messy!) but I'll post it anyway just so you see how happy I am to be in the same room as my hubby...

Yikes, am I huge or am I huge? Looking at that photo, I can't imagine ever losing abdominal fat ever again! Omigas, must get back to fighting form by Christmas! Will possibly happen as I am hell-bent on breastfeeding and everyone tells me that that will absolutely shrink all the fat away.

Missed my breastfeeding class last weekend, though. Can't seem to wake up, get up or do anything anymore. I'm so heavy! And I really wanted to go to that class (unlike the Lamaze ones) because I hear this all the time from mommies: "I'd rather give birth again than breastfeed. Breastfeeding is so painful!" That is scaring me more than giving birth! So I resolved to go to a nursing class and--surprise! surprise!--I missed it. Thankfully, so many kind mommies have offered to be my breastfeeding coach, or just meet up so that they can support me because they say that the next few months (years!) will be tough and mommies must help each other. I almost cried because that mommy who said that to me, I haven't even met her yet!

Which reminds me... You know, this past weekend, I was feeling very sad because something happened that made me realize that this world is filled with mean, nasty, evil people. And here I am bringing a kid into this awful place. It's insanity really, on my part, to bring an innocent life into this evil world. And then I looked at my mommy blog and my Facebook wall and my emails and text messages, and I was reminded of the kindness of friends and even strangers who send me and my family lovely gifts and good will. People all over the world are sending my little family so much love!

So I really should have faith in the goodness of mankind and the beauty of life. Thank you for reminding me of that. God bless you all! 


  1. I can totally imagine Jelly Bean doing the peace-out sign inside your tummy, which is beautifully and perfectly round, by the way. Enjoy the homestretch, Frances! Will be praying for you and your baby.

  2. i really love the ghost chair :-)

  3. Wow. It's only now that I found out that you're pregnant!Congratulations! :D I had a fun time chatting with you at the Nuffnang awards thing. Just trying to reconnect :) See you soon, Mommy! :D


  4. Nasty people will always be around. So when life get you down, it's always good to look at everything good in your life. My husband taught me that :)

  5. Dear Frances :) Expect the roller coaster feelings, I am not a mommy yet but I know what most mommies are going through...I know it's not going to be easy at all times but you're right with all the friends across the globe who offer you friendship and prayers, that's enough to strengthen you! :) You know you have friends in us (bloggers who turn to be real friends) :) Stay strong dear, you look beautiful and happy even with unbrushed hair! :)

  6. These aren't good photos? I disagree! Haha. :)

    I'm sure you'll find that there are more people who will jump at the chance to help out with Jelly Bean :)

  7. It's true that there's too many wicked people in the world these days no? =( Dibale, I'm positive kind hearted ones will never be outnumbered. And true that so many people loves you and Mr. Jelly Bean, and the blogsphere is actually very excited for him to come out!

    PS: You're always happy when you wear that shirt. Magic bunny much? =D

  8. you're almost there frances... i'm so happy for you. don't worry about the weight... im sure you can get rid of all that months before Christmas!

  9. Just skimmed this post and wanted to get this comment in first, Neighbor, you're ready to pop! It makes me almost teary-eyed, can't wait to see that cute little boy! He seems not so little! In your photo he already looks like he's hugging his mommy really tight, aww...

  10. Mariel is right! Kailan ba ang showing nyan? :)

  11. hi miss frances, I'm a student from ust taking up fine arts. could you space a few minutes to answer my online survey(this would be of great help for my thesis po kc) it's fashion related so I guess you're qualified(over qualified) as my target market.. hope you could answer back


    here's the link.

  12. Maviclicious, actually, I am not qualified at all. I am the editor of a CELEBRITY magazine, not fashion.

    I have no idea what makes a couture gown couture, why we need to even have one, or why they have to be hand painted. But ask me about Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pit's love triangle and I can go on and on and on!


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