Friday, July 09, 2010


Chuvaness is holding a contest over at her blog and the prizes for this particular one are outright spectacular!
She's giving away these Kamiseta suitcases packed full with the most amazing goodies: from beauty products and fashion finds to computers! There's bags and jewelry, too. And thousands of pesos worth of gift certificates and discounts to restaurants. And if that makes you fat, you also win weight loss supplements and a gym membership. How crazy is that???

Man, I wish I could give away prizes as insane as those in this blog. I will be giving away some beauty products over at my beauty blog and I've been giving away stuff at my Facebook page but nothing approaching the prizes of Chuvaness! Sigh. I wish I can make my readers just as excited. I'll have to make this blog bigger and more popular then so I can attract contest sponsors! Wish me luck!

*photo from Chuvaness' blog.


  1. Wow! The fabulous eye candy maleta from Kamiseta!

  2. The correct phrase is "I wish I COULD." The conditional mood is used for hypothetical statements. Thought you'd like to know that, as a magazine editor who takes pride in impeccable work. ;)


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