Sunday, July 04, 2010

Real Living's fifth book launched!

Last week, I attended the launch of Real Living magazine's fifth book, Real Home Ideas 5: Small Space Solutions. The event was held at SM Megamall's Atrium and you all know why I had to go: My house is on the cover!

There are much better photos at Real Living's official blog and even more details like designers present and the home exhibits they did featuring stuff from SM Homeworld. Anyway, I'm glad to report that it was a very successful event. How did I know? Well, first, it was well attended.

Second, everyone lined up to have their books signed by RL's editor-in-chief, the fabulous Rachelle Medina!

Third, there were celebrities (like Rica Peralejo, TinTin Bersola and Issa Litton), which meant that...
Fourth, there'd be tons of media coverage (I cropped out the cameramen and photographers from above photo, though).

This is RL's super design-savvy staff. I can't imagine creating a book (and the fifth one, no less!) while creating a monthly magazine at the same time. Sounds like suicide to me actually, so congratulations for a job well done, guys!

Oh, and look at me! When the event was over, I just had to get up on that stage and pose beside the super duper blown up cover. I imagine that it's a doorway to my house! I must admit that I did wish that were true. I wanted to go home just looking at that cover...

Then here's the RL version of my sitting area using stuff from SM Homeworld. Not bad, not bad. But I must say that I quite prefer the setup Vince and I have at home! Not RL's fault actually, more like SM's har har!

Oh, and here's a pleasant surprise! I met a blog reader, Joanna. She approached me and told me she's been reading Topaz Horizon for quite a while now. Well, that was just the cherry on top of the icing on the cake that was such a happy day! Thanks for reading, Joanna!

Grab your copy of Real Home Ideas 5: Small Space Solutions at your nearest bookstore, magazine stand, supermarket and department store for only P195.

Oh, and you can also WIN YOUR OWN COPY

Outfit details: I'm wearing a Collezione dress. This was originally quite long--its hem ended at that spot between your calf and the ankle, which means it wasn't a very flattering length. So I had it shortened to the knee. I liked it before (I like how I look like a pregnant zebra!) but now I find the top part annoying. My shoulders are supposed to be exposed, but every time I move my arms, it rolls up so I have to constantly adjust it. That's poor design.

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  1. Hi Ms. F! I was there too with my hubby but didn't see you. Maybe because we left early. But of all the 4 set ups that the designers did, I liked the living room best. I'm a minimalist so I don't like too see much furniture/stuff in a room. The living room despite of its minimalist approach, is very nice to look at. Fresh, relaxing, & dainty! :)

    Kel Chan


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