Monday, April 11, 2011

12 years of kisses

On April 18, Vince and I will be celebrating 4 years of marriage and 12 years of ridiculous happiness. I met him on April 5, 1999, on a bus filled with writers. Little did I know that the boy with the hangover and the messy long hair would become my husband and the father of my child.

Vince said he knew instantly that I was The One. Within a week of meeting, he and I had shared the most intense conversations. He wrote me poems, serenaded me, gave me chocolates and, because I am not one to waste time, I rewarded him with a kiss on April 18, just 13 days after meeting. Best. Kiss. Ever! Kissing Vince for the first time was beyond strange because that kiss felt like a life-changer, like I had been waiting all my life for that one kiss. In fairy tale parlance, it was true love's first kiss.

On Monday, it'll be 12 years of kissing. We still like kissing. We kiss so much, Vito wants to join in. He looks at his parents kissing and makes smacking sounds himself!

Twelve years. It certainly doesn't feel like 12 years. Well, I feel older now, calmer, wiser. My cellulite and fine wrinkles, my exhaustion after a long day all point out that I am definitely getting old. But when Vince kisses me, I am transformed back to that 22-year-old girl who never dreamed she'd find love but found it anyway when she least expected it. His kisses (and everything that follows the kiss!) keep me young and well and truly in love.


  1. Advance Happy Anniversary to both of you. Love is indeed in the air.

  2. aaaaaawwww :)

    congratulations, vince and frances!

  3. Awww! So happy for you. How sweet that your wedding day is also your first-kiss day. (Tomorrow naman, April 12th, is my 3rd wedding anniversary. )

    Congrats on your togetherness. In fact, I have an anniversary gift for you and your hubby! (I'll give it when I see you.) Just a little something for you guys to enjoy. :) Happy, happy!

  4. You are soooo sweet!
    Happy 12th Kiss-a-versary! :) and more and more and more to come :)

  5. Frances! Vince! CONGRATULATIONS!! SUPER BIG KISS!! :)

  6. Thanks! Thanks! May you all have a month filled with love and kisses, too!

    Happy anniversary, Martine!

  7. Happy anniversary!! Such a sweet post! :)

  8. Happy Anniversary! :) This is so sweet. :)

  9. Happy Anniversary! :) This is so sweet.

    --ignore the same message above. that was me hehe!

  10. Happy anniversary in advance!

    Our wedding day is also the anniversary of our first kiss, we're getting married this October na after five years. :)


  11. such a sweet post! happy anniversary to both of you! :)

  12. Hon, there's no need to feel old in your 30s!

  13. Weeeeeeee so kakilig!! Hope you have more kissing years to come! :D

  14. Frances and Vince!!! Happy Anniversary to you guys!!! More kisses for both of you!!! =)



    Fleur, Alvin and little Anika =)

  15. Wetaminit! The anniversary's on the 18th!!!

    Best wishes, Dea!

    WendyB, it's the baby. Taking care of him is exhausting! I have never felt so old!

  16. happy happy anniversary! may all your days be filled with hugs and kisses!!

  17. Happy anniversary to you and Vince! :-) I enjoy reading about your life together - you seem so genuinely happy and in love! Wishing you many more years of wedded bliss! :-)

  18. Happy anniversary dear.

    I had been married for 18 yrs and it is always nice to celebrate each and every year with the kids who always remind us that we need to love one another the more so the cup will be over flowing with love that we can give and share to our kiddos....

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