Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pretty shoes

Last Thursday, I had dinner at Nikki and Bern's townhouse. They threw an intimate party for our friend Nicole. I didn't realize it was that intimate, though! It was just Nikki, Bern, me, Nic and Nic's friend Tata.
Nicole and I love milk tea!
On a diet, Nikki gets "upset" at dessert: profiteroles!
Tired me with Bern and Nikki

We talked about a lot of things and so ended up going home past midnight.
Nic and Nikki, still pretty at midnight!
Nic's been hanging out a lot with Tata.

I can't tell you what we talked about so I'll just show you our shoes!
Nikki. Everyone should have yellow shoes!
Nic's Aldo nude pumps are a classic.
My two-tone Sapato Manila heels
Tata's sandals

What shoes are you wearing today? Me? As in, today today? I'm wearing Janilyn flats!


  1. I'm wearing espadrilles from Liliw, Laguna. Very soft and comfy.

  2. I love Janylin flats too... so fit for my work, even when I go on 24 hour duty at the hospital! :-)

  3. Was in strappy Zara sandals earlier for a lunch date. Now, bare feet! *aahhhhhh*

  4. I was wearing a no-nonsense pair of un-glamorous flat, short Rusty Lopez black boots for work earlier... now I'm just in my fuchsia socks.

  5. Kokopelli Flats! :) Been wearing this since college!

  6. I'm barefoot on my bed! LOL

    Love the yellow shoes!!

  7. hotel white semi-fluffy slippers! :)
    any other details on Tata's sandals? I love love love it!

  8. I'm barefoot now. I love those nude pumps. Something I could wear both to work and to the mall... or wherever my feet take me :)


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