Saturday, April 09, 2011

A day in the life of moi - April 7, Thurs

I promised to do a regular "A day in the life" post but I'm telling you that not one day is the same for me. That should make that kind of post fun and easy to do, right? But no. I'm exhausted just thinking about it! When I tried doing it, I couldn't decide on whether I should take photos of these: breakfast, lunch, dinner, meetings, where I am, who I'm talking to, etc. It just seemed too trivial. As in, do my readers even want to know this??? So I'll do a "A day in the life" post maybe every other month or so. That's still regular, ya know!

For our first ever "A day in the life" post, let's take on April 7, 2011. Here's what happened on that exceptionally busy day:
I love breastfeeding Vito! 
I always start my day very early. Vito wakes up between 5:30am to 6am. He climbs all over Vince and me, either slapping or shrieking us awake. We play for about half an hour then I breastfeed him before he has his breakfast at 7.

After Vito has breakfast, his yaya takes him to the playground. Sometimes, I prepare Vince's packed lunch. Most times, I go back to sleep. Then Vince and I have breakfast. Vito comes back at around 9, just in time to say "bah-bah" to his "pah-pah-pah." Usually, Vito has a bath then he breastfeeds again and sleeps. Then I shower and prepare to go, usually after I've had lunch at 11:30am.

Zara dress, Sapato Manila shoes

That Thursday, however, I had a brunch event so Vito also said "bah-bah" to "mama-mama." Heartbreak! Especially since I knew I was going to be home very late that day. Sigh.

La Mer event was at Robot Lounge
My first event was the launch of La Mer Whitening Essence Intense. Will write about that in my beauty blog soon. I had a lovely time seeing La Mer's Ina Casas. I love her! I also had a serious chat with Preview's Pauline Juan. But I can't reveal what we talked about.

Then off I went to the office for the monthly publishers' meeting. That was an exciting meeting since we all talked about the biggest ever issue of the magazine I edit--the royal wedding issue coming out in May!!!

Then off I left for a meeting with Just Jewels at Glorietta 4. No photos either! Suffice it to say I had a very productive meeting with the jeweler and I'm so excited about working with them (and, personally, adding more pieces to my jewelry box!).

Just across the Just Jewels shop is Cole Haan. I fell in love with two bags:
Heritage Weave Hadley Messenger in Cashew
Vintage Valise Claire Mini Satchel in Woodbury
Cole Haan offers credit card holders a crazy 3-month, 0% installment plan on anything and everything! I seriously was tempted to swipe away! But I'm saving up for a fantastic anniversary gift for Vince. So Cole Haan bags, please wait for me!

I look so tired!
Then I walked to SM Makati for the opening of Forever 21. Wrote about that on Beauty For A Living. I had to pass by Watsons first to buy these amazing band-aids because all that walking in heels caused a painful abrasion at the top of my heel.

Stringy-haired me with the lovely couple
I ended the day with dinner at Bern and Nikki's. She threw an intimate party for our friend Nicole and we ended up going home very late. Stupid me didn't bring my breast pump so I was going insane with pain from my milk-swollen chest (remember I last fed Vito at 7am!). So I stumbled home, dead tired and in serious pain, but I had to express the milk first. After filling up two bottles, I finally crept into bed, snuggled against my husband and my little boy (who helped drain more milk), and... Nope, I was so exhausted and in pain, I couldn't fall asleep!

And that was my day! Whew. Goodness me. What a long post! And that's why I don't think I can do this kinda post often!

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Cole Haan bag photos from their website.


  1. Long post but I read every single word of it! It must be fun to never have an idle moment. But sometimes, idle moments feel like heaven!

  2. Love your outfit, Frances! I like your dress! :) Nice Cole Haan bag too.. are your mornings always like that? How I wish I can stay longer in the morning with Y before going to work, but sadly hinde.

  3. Michelle, oh but this was a busy day. My days aren't always like this. Not at all!

    Cai Yun, yes, usually my mornings are spent at home with the baby. I can work from home, you see. I love my job!

  4. kaya yan! aja! fight fight fight!

    BTW thanks for adding me to your topazmommy blog roll. i think it constitutes half of daily hits. thank you! i love your blog. :)

    be blessed!

  5. awww I missed you at F21 event! I haven't seen you in awhile na! Hope to see you soon!

  6. Hi Frances! :-) This is a great post. Hmmm.. maybe I should write one too, if only just to see what stuff I should be doing less and more of! Haha. :-) Incidentally, I thought about you again recently when my siblings and I had a family meeting/date night out the other day. My dad was encouraging us all to find ways to earn extra income and he cited me for my blogs (which HAVE NOT EARNED ME A SINGLE CENT though! LOL!) Then Jay (Santiago), who is my brother, asked me, "Why not? That's how our editor makes extra money." Then I remembered that you and he are both on the OK team. hehe. :-)
    Anyway, it's great again to drop by your blog! :-) Hope you could visit mine again from time to time. :-) God bless always dear!

  7. I'd love to work from home too, but I can't exactly take care of patients from a distance. I love your job! I wish I can say the same for mine. haha:)

  8. Whew! You make mommy-ing and working so glam! Loove the dress and sapatos! :)

  9. Manila Hot Stuff, I like your blog kasi!

    AskMeWhats, ya I left early kasi I had dinner pa =) See you soon!

    Teacher Mama Tina, huwaaaat?! You're J's sister?! Well, here's a virtual hug. I love everyone J loves! About your blogs... grabe, ang dami! But how inspiring your posts =)

    Mariel, I miss you!


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